New blog, I meant it!

Hey guys, I have been using my new blog a lot more, and am thinking of just getting rid of this one. Either follow me there, add me on FB if you want, or whatever if you want to stay in touch. There are several of you that I miss. So hit me up, unless you don’t wish to. :)


Bueller…..fucking Bueller? 175 followers and two people from that list actually responded to my last posts/new blog attempt? LMAO. Case-in-point.

New blog attempt!

New year, maybe new me, but I won’t get ahead of myself. I am going to try to be on here – more often than I was on this one. I am not giving this one up though, right now it is in limbo though. Go follow me there if you want. Lots of sad memories and regrets and stuff on this one so maybe a fresh start? <3

New year, new blog?

Well, I have tried starting a new blog, and deleted it, all three times I tried. I cannot seem to do this. But my new one is going to try to be so follow there if you want. I don’t know what if anything will happen with this POS blog, can’t even call it a blog anymore. Everytime I am on here, I get angry. I love TWD now and can’t believe I like the Black Christmas remake wayyyy better than the original. See? I am very different than I was even two years ago. I am rambling and it is late. See ya.

So, it’s been months now, here and there on different social media and blogging platforms, and I have come to a conclusion. I do not belong anywhere.

Got a Question!

I am trying to get back into blogging guys, I really am. I have been finding it so hard though, just because of being busy and also, lack of inspiration. I feel like I have something to say, but not really sure how to go about it! I have been focusing a lot on my Facebook page, Last Page on the Left, and it is doing really well, so maybe that’s what I am meant to be doing right now. So answer my poll, please? Give me some feedback!

Hey loves! :)

I miss all of you guys too! I haven’t totally disappeared, though it may seem that way. I am really swamped with school, and my FB horror page is really taking off, so I took a break from writing, not to mention I have an amazing boyfriend now! No more guys treating me like shit! :) If you haven’t joined up on FB and added me, or “liked” my page, please do!!! The more the merrier, and I miss you guys too! Will start writing more soon, I promise…feeling much better also, for those concerned with my depression, etc. Here’s my page!

You can totally add me personally, but if I don’t recognize you from the blog, just tell me who you are! Facebook can be weird like that! Join me and my page! Love you guys and will write more soon! :)

fuck it.

Happy Anniversay to Me

Well, folks, I’ve been at this for a year now! Happy moments, depressed moments, fucking near suicidal moments, and beyond-happy seemingly-bi-polar moments, and all. Thanks for those of you who have stuck by me and actually gave a shit. You mean everything. Here’s to the next year, and hopefully it will be a FUCK TON better than the last few months. Cheers and love! :)

Another Shameless Plug

For you horror fiends out there, if you haven’t ”Liked” my new page on Facebook, yet, here’s the link! I promise I will get back into blogging, just trying to get my mind straightened out right now. Be back sooo soon! Miss you! Come Like my page, friends! I’m really proud of it! <3


Last Page on the Left

Thanks for reading! :)