Hey, I’m Jamie!

I am 25, attending community college, and live in Indiana. I recently earned an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, and am now pursuing one in Paralegal Studies. I love horror movies, animals, taking photos, television, being with family, video&board games, and reading. I am a vegetarian and stand up for animal rights, as well as gay rights and women’s rights. I have two cats, and they’re awesomeness personified (or cat-ified, I guess?) I am really into serial killers. I like to talk about anything and am very opinionated.

“You see, Flaubert believed that anticipation was the purest form of pleasure…and the most reliable. And while that things that actually happen to you invariably disappoint, the things that don’t happen to you will never dim. Never fade. They would always be engraved in your heart with a sort of sweet sadness.”

– Professor Wilder, Dawson’s Creek


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  1. Thanks for the add. I like your picks for the best horror remakes of all time.

  2. HorrorBore says:

    Thanks for taking an interest in my reviews! 🙂 I really like what you’re doing with yours as well. I actually just started this on Monday (2/27/2012). So, I’m just now getting started. Keep an eye out for more posts, and I’ll keep watching yours.

  3. ericisaacs says:

    hey there – thanks for the add – I watch a bunch of crap (as a public service – so you don’t have to) so don’t get too bothered with my frequent thoughts on some bad horror. I like your stuff – have fun – thanks again ~~

  4. adamcard says:

    nice another horror movie fan good luck with your blog, i just started mine recently

  5. matts1970 says:

    Not only do i have that David Szulkin Making of Last House on the left, but I got producer Sean Cunningham to sign it too 🙂


  6. jmount43 says:

    I love reading about serial killers.

  7. Thanks for the kind comment. Really like your posts. Some excellent analysis of the movies. Keep it up!

  8. The Thorn says:

    I can’t believe how prolific you are! Keep it up! :):):)

  9. Dawson’s Creek quote. Very cool. Used to watch it every week back in the day.

  10. dtrain1008 says:

    Nice blog you got here, haha. I’m very jealous of your neat little layout. Maybe one day I’ll put a smidge of effort into the look of mine… Maybe. lol

  11. cigarrete burns says:

    Ok so I have noticed around that it seems to be the blog etiquette to ask first before adding another blogger to a blog roll, so if that was rude or on my part presumptuous then my bad! your blog page is just so damn cool I couldn’t help myself…

  12. jpthorn says:

    I found your blog through another friend’s blog and I really like what I see so far. Great job on the Friday the 13th reviews!

  13. CriminalMassWorder says:

    I find odd that my view page says you viewed my page from Canada, when it states that you Live in the US . lol. Odd I know. Thanks for the Like!

  14. Hi, you have a great blog, very interesting content, all of the case. We see you have excellent knowledge in the field of cinema.

  15. jmount43 says:

    I hope I don’t sound like an old perv, but you are very pretty and very photogenic.

  16. Mike says:

    Added your fine blog to my blogroll.

  17. Hey Jamie,
    Thanks for liking my posts! I had no idea there were other redonkulous people out there like me that like horror as much as I do. I know I review more than just horror movies, but I’d love to keep in touch and talk back and forth on horror movies and your opinions. Being a ranter myself, I don’t hold back and I think we could have some ballin’ conversations. Let me know!

    Ross “The Boss”

  18. Tysoncarter says:

    Hi, really nice looking site you have set up here! Great to see another horror film fan. Thanks for visiting my site and I looking forward to reading all your reviews and thoughts! Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? SInce my site is brand new and your the first person to comment I’d be honoured to have your name as the first site I link too 🙂

  19. So how far are you into getting your CJ degree? Do you like it? I went for criminal justice too…came close to being done with it too, but then decided that’s not what I wanted to do. Blah. Fun times though, took a lot of fun classes and had a lot of good times.

  20. jmount43 says:

    Be sure to check out my latest blog post. There is something there for you. I’ll have it up in just a bit. It will be titled “Okay, So I Got This Award…”

  21. Hey great blog. Would you like to take part in a blogathon I’m running? Details are here –


  22. kloipy says:

    Haven’t seen much from you lately Jamie, just wanted to check and make sure you are doing ok! Hope to see you post again soon

  23. You’re an attractive young lady!!!!!!!!!

  24. Your cat is so cute. You are too.

  25. Someone’s been soaking up the sun! Good job, hope you’ve had a good summer.

  26. kloipy says:

    Come back Jamie! We are waiting for the next post 🙂

  27. jmount43 says:

    Jamie, I nominated you for the 2012 Blog of the Year Award. The post with the details will be up in a bit! Congrats!

  28. Hello!

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but I am really diggin’ your blog! It’s always a pleasure to meet another big horror fan (and your background is all kinds of awesome).

    I’m very happy to be following- keep in touch!


    P.S.- a big high-five for using the term, “cat-ified”

  29. Love the Blog Jamie! lol, Glad I found you.

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