Halloween Season Must-Sees

Hey there! So, yeah, I haven’t been around in a long while. But I just got a new computer which doesn’t lag when typing and will hold a charge, so hopefully that will change. It’s the Halloween season, so tell me – what are the movies that you all absolutely must watch during the month?

Devil’s Pass: What You Want to Know Might Kill You

After being absent for a longer-than-intended period of time, I am probably going to find it hard to get back into the swing of things for a bit. Hopefully, you will bear with me. My boyfriend and I have recently been watching a slew of horror movies, both old and new. Of course, you know me, the horror buff, and yet there were still tons of movies out there I haven’t seen. I wanted to change it, and so did Tim. I haven’t actually watched a lot of new (to me) films in a long time, as I found that most of them end up belonging in the suckage department, but recently I was pleasantly surprised.


At our local Family Video, I noticed a creepy-looking cover staring at me in the Nearly New department, belonging to a 2013 film called Devil’s Pass (also known as The Dyatlov Pass Incident). As a frequent viewer, and disapointee of found-footage films, I was reluctant, but I went with my gut and decided to give it a go. Perhaps it was the mystery of the unknown that has always intrigued me, or the fact that it is centered around a true story (always a plus for me), or the fact that it was 2 in the morning that made the viewing such a wonderful experience, but I totally and thoroughly dug this movie.

devils pass set

The story is focused on a group of five students, determined to discover the secret behind the real-life Dyatlov Pass Incident of 1959. In the late 1950s, nine friends and skiers decided to go on a journey into the Ural Mountains, and none of them returned. What followed has been over fifty years of speculation, controversy, and overall creepiness. Their bodies were found after their families became worried about their lack of correspondence. Several of the individuals had fractured skulls and ribs, one woman’s tongue had been removed, and their campsite looked as if they had fled in utter terror in the middle of the night, even leaving behind their shoes, and most of their clothes, in 30-below-zeroΒ temperatures. What did they encounter? What did they see? The focus of Devil’s Pass attempts to answer these questions in a clever, almost-damn-near-believable way. Though at times obviously cliche and predictable, it is most certainly unique, and one I intend to own. Directed by one of my faves, Renny Harlin, of ANOES 4: The Dream Master and Deep Blue Sea fame, the film includes all virtually unknown actors to add to its believability, and several incidences of shrieking, whining, and in-fighting, which, although bordering on annoying, is actually advantageous to its credibility as a so-called “found footage” film.


The crew encounter several early unsettling incidents, including the discovery of massive footprints outside their tents in the morning, and a severed tongue in an abandoned outpost, causing massive concern, and near panic. The most important discovery, that of a large bunker, hidden in the snow, leads to the answer that the group had been seeking – that no one should ever have discovered. With huge plot twists, fast camera work, creepy creatures, and Β a very sci-fi and jaw-dropping ending that will have you talking, or at least thinking about it far beyond the rolling of the credits, this film has not been given its due credit. The internet goobers (yes, like us, ha!) have mixed reviews, several finding it intriguing and satisfying, and the others hating its semi-far-fetched conclusion. I absolutely will not give away spoilers this time around, but will highly recommend you checking it out for yourself! If this weren’t based around the real-life mystery, the ending would be laughable. But, I urge you to consider the strange state of this world we live in, and the fact that we still do not know everything. With a tantalizing backstory to get you hooked, part creature-feature, and part trigger for those terrified of the wilderness, avalanches, and being at the mercy of the unknown, this movie has it all. Well, most of it, but it comes highly recommended, and may require two viewings.

hikers set

Here are a few of the real-life victims of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Mountain climbing in Russia, anyone? Didn’t think so. πŸ˜‰


Well, folks, it seems I am willing, and wanting, to keep this blog going despite the sadness it has caused me in the past. I still love movies, I always freaking will, so I am going to post a few new things in the coming weeks. Hope you are all going to still be around. I am still going to keep Raccoon Travels going as well, because I love it, albeit it is very new and I only have a fraction of the followers I ever had on here. I saw that some of you couldn’t get the link to work, which is strange, because you guys are now on that page, too. I am glad to have you around on both! Thanks for all the support some of you have shown, it means a lot. I am going to give this page one more shot to keep going, you game? πŸ™‚ That said, I will probably be hiding or trashing all the other posts I have made about my life, at least most that didn’t get much feedback, but I will be deciding on that soon. Talk very, very, very soon, my dears ❀

Hey loves! :)

I miss all of you guys too! I haven’t totally disappeared, though it may seem that way. I am really swamped with school, and my FB horror page is really taking off, so I took a break from writing, not to mention I have an amazing boyfriend now! No more guys treating me like shit! πŸ™‚ If you haven’t joined up on FB and added me, or “liked” my page, please do!!! The more the merrier, and I miss you guys too! Will start writing more soon, I promise…feeling much better also, for those concerned with my depression, etc. Here’s my page!



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Happy Anniversay to Me

Well, folks, I’ve been at this for a year now! Happy moments, depressed moments, fucking near suicidal moments, and beyond-happy seemingly-bi-polar moments, and all. Thanks for those of you who have stuck by me and actually gave a shit. You mean everything. Here’s to the next year, and hopefully it will be a FUCK TON better than the last few months. Cheers and love! πŸ™‚

Just In Case….

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I’m Just Saying – Part One

This is a new feature I am experimenting with for my blog, a weekly edition of what I call, ‘I’m Just Saying’. Let’s go.

The topic of this week’s ‘I’m Just Saying’ is children. Not all children, but most children. As a single, non-maternal 25-year-old, I have no children and have no want, longing, inclination, or desire to even have them. Conceiving or adopting. Not interested. What gets under my skin, surprisingly even more than the archaic idea that all women must want and must have children, is the attention that children receive. No, silly, I don’t mean parental attention – obviously, I want people to feed, shelter, and clothe their children, not to mention keep them quiet around me. I mean this utter ridiculousness that goes on on Facebook.

Every day, sometimes countless times a day, usually once every 2-3 hours, I am subjected to this mind-numbing plethora of baby pictures. I understand sharing a few sometimes – special occasions, big deals, injuries, firsts, and the like. But I don’t need nor do I want to see a picture of your child sleeping, licking their hands, drooling, Photoshopped to look like a model, and especially NAKED! In most jurisdictions these days, whether rightly or wrongly, they would classify naked pictures of children and babies as pedophiliac porn. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – and do you really think in the midst of all those ‘friends’ you have that someone might be ‘like-ing’ them a little too much? I’m just saying.

I’m glad you love your children, and despite what people think – not wanting children on, around, or near me does NOT equate to me wishing them harm, et cetera. I think they stink, they’re loud, they’re annoying, and they’re too damn needy if you ask me. I know you didn’t ask me. But I’m telling you anyway. I mean, I’m just saying….cool it with the pictures. I am generally not interested or impressed 99% of the time. There are surely more things in one’s life than children. And don’t tell me your children are your life or how hard being a mom or single mom is. Face it – you chose to have children. Let’s see, there’s birth control, abstinence, abortion, to name a few. When it’s your own goddamn choice, don’t make yourself sound so self-important because you’re a mother, or father. As Shania would say, “That don’t impress me much!”

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

A Burst of Good News and a Sigh of Relief

My mom is CANCER-FREE! ❀

Thanks for everyone’s support for everything you’ve ever done or said, past, present, and future!


Ways to Improve Online Communication (Thus Avoiding Argument and Misunderstanding)

Since I am constantly bitching and getting confused about online communication, I thought I’d make a little post about what we can all do to improve our communication, and thus avoid confrontation, arguments, and misunderstandings. Seeing as how the only way we communicate theses days seems to be online (for the majority of the time, don’t deny it), it is important that we reestablish the lines of communications and the etiquette (or not) with which we employ it. Let’s get right to it!

1. If you are being funny or sarcastic, always use a silly emoticon, or use the phrases: “LOL”, “Psshh…”, “LMAO”, or “Haha”. These can be interchangeable and really prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and keeps the conversation flowing at a good pace, without one having to stop and question what something meant or how it was actually meant to sound. Do this in the first place, and you won’t be told “Uhh, gee thanks?” or “WTF asshole!”

2. Check your status! Are you online or not? Green light, for instance, on Facebook denotes that you are online. Don’t be a forgetful douchebag and forget to turn off your online status. People will message you, and get angry that you are not responding. Simple common courtesy that is not too common. You’ll find most of this post will contain common sense techniques!

3. Do not leave a conversation right in the middle of it, and do not leave without saying you’re doing so. This is simply rude, whether you’re online, in person, or on the phone. Barring a real emergency or power outage, there is NO excuse for this rude ass behavior. Man (or woman) the fuck up and let someone know something. There’s nothing I hate more than when someone just up and stops speaking like you’re boring them, and then later they come back like, “Whaaa? What’s wrong?” What’s wrong? You’re being a dick unnecessarily, so STOP.

4. On Facebook in particular, don’t read someone’s message, then ignore it. It shows with a checkmark that you have read it. If you “can’t write back at this moment”, then why are you fucking checking it in the first place? Makes no sense. And if you’re that busy, stop commenting on pictures of naked women and responding to other people while ignoring me. I can see that shit too, you know. Quit being rude, and if you’re that busy, don’t check the message period. It will save you unnecessary strife, and I won’t have to get pissed off. It’s a win-win. Nothing I hate more than being purposefully ignored. Don’t want to talk to me? Then why are we friends?

These are just a few suggestions on how to improve online communication with me and others. Because I can assure you, others are bothered with these issue too – I’m just the one to make it loud and public. Someone’s got to speak up about rudeness in ANY format or method of communication. Just don’t be rude! Like I said, unless your wife/husband, kid, or pet is dying, your house is on fire, or you’re being robbed, don’t be douchebag-like and just forget etiquette. Because regardless of the method or manner, it shows your true colors. Oh, and don’t be one of those people who will only talk to someone when they need something. Rude.

Thank you for reading, as always! πŸ™‚

Some Recent Photography

Hey lovely folks! πŸ™‚

No one appreciated this on Facebook, because on there, you have to have six little brats running around or be naked to get your pics noticed, so I figured a cool fuckin’ crowd like you might appreciate them!

::i really hope you do.::

DSCN5861 (2)

One of my favorite places πŸ™‚


No one notices the beauty of cemetery trees….in the snow….


No Zombies in this cemetery, too cold…..


Outside my apartment, winter sunsets are too AMAZING for words!


Winter Sunsets = ❀


I am obsessed…….


….with M&M’s lately!