For some reason, the other night I ended up watching videos on YouTube, and came across this random video about living with an eating disorder. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? I’ll give you a minute……

See it yet? The ad on this video happens to be about a Jillian Michaels weight loss plan. Oh yeah, perfect ad to place on a video of this nature! As if young girls and women are not constantly being put down because of their weight and their looks, even the advertisement on an educational video has to do with weight! Are you kidding me? I found this so sad, I had to take a snapshot of my screen. I couldn’t even believe it. Now, this is likely just a coincidence. But that’s still bad! Some poor girl (or boy even) who decides to look for some solace on the internet by way of a video about their ailment finds themselves barraged with advertisements about the very thing they have an issue with! Gee, way to drive them back to their eating disorder! Triggers, anyone? They can’t even escape to the world of the internet without being tormented. This is just so ridiculous to me. Granted, you can “X” out the ad, but still – it’s there! I’m sorry, I just find this to be a very sad commentary on the media, advertisements, weight, and discrimination in America. It’s almost comparable to a video about racism being plastered with an advertisement recruiting for the Klan. This is just too disturbing to me. If nothing else, it’s really ironic. Anyone concur??


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  1. jmount43 says:

    I concur! That’s like putting up a billboard for Golden Corral right outside of Weight Watchers. Idiotic ad placement at its worst!

  2. Unfortunately, this is just typical of the “everything online” culture. People making a statement about eating disorders get ads for weight loss because some moron AI thinks it is “relevant”. As bad as TV has gotten, at least the ads there involve a modicum of intelligent Human decision.

  3. I also agree. The ad is totally inappropriate for the video. While the ad would’ve appeared randomly, the placement of the ad symbolizes the ways Western civilization oppresses women.

    I’m aware some women say they choose to have eating disorders. But as far as I’m concerned, they are suffering from an unpleasant and UNWANTED disorder, whether they realize it or not.

    I was also glad you mentioned that it is possible for men to have eating disorders, though it’s not nearly as common as it is for women (as you also mentioned). Eating disorders = another reason it’s easier to be a man (than a woman), in today’s World.

  4. One aspect of society’s neurotic obsessions with weight that I wish would get more educated discussion is the fact that contrary to what people claim, excessive weight and excessive eating are not necessarily as heavily linked as is believed.

    In fact, a lot of studies, including some in which prisoners were paid money to eat more than normal, have found that whilst eating excessively does add a few pounds, a reaction in the body stops further weight gain in the majority of individuals.

    Starving, on the other hand, causes the body to remember the circumstances in which it starved, and to alter itself to pack on more weight when food comes in more freely again. Preparing for the next time. You see, whilst the Human body evolved to prepare for harvests that could alternate between feast and famine, it did not evolve the capacity to know when starvation was voluntary or not. Probably because prior to the industrial revolution, the concept of voluntary starvation was like the concept of the semi-conductor. Or the concept of online media that is not poorly-delivered.

    Oh, and one other thing worth mentioning: scientists and psychologists have been investigating for some time a possible like between autism and anorexia nervosa. The latter possibly being an autistic reaction to profound changes in physical form.

  5. The Thorn says:

    That’s completely insane and in such poor taste. Someone should advise the people at Jillian Michaels – I’m sure they’re not aware of it. Um… then again, the cynic in me wonders if they do… :/

    Thanks for highlighting this, Mister Hand. Um… Aloha. 😉

  6. mistylayne says:

    I work with a non-profit whose main goal is to raise awareness of eating disorders and early signs and I’ve personally been in recovery for almost five years. So yeah, every time I see something like this it upsets me. The “standard of beauty” in this country has reached a level of ridiculousness.

    An excellent documentary (if you’re interested) is “America the Beautiful” – it follows the story of a girl who became a runway model at 13 and delves into advertising, etc. One of the things I found most interesting in the film was an interview with a sociologist (I believe). There was a study done where television was introduced to a tribe of islanders (wanna say in the Fiji area….). Within just a couple of years, where they had had little to no ED, there was an increase. Not saying that it’s all the media’s fault because there are reasons upon reasons upon reasons that one might develop ED but I definitely think it’s an influence.

    Sorry, I can talk about this stuff forever so I’ll be quiet now….. 🙂 Excellent post though!

  7. RaoulDukeKD says:

    This is just one of those things that happens every so often, unfortunately. An ad that comes up on a video will not exactly gel with the content. I suppose because it has the word “eating” in the title.

  8. The advertising on Youtube has just gotten annoying to the point you can hardly watch any vid without waiting for an ad to finish. At least on TV you have time to run to the bathroom or get a snack. This is another horrible ill-fitted ad/vid combo – I’ve seen a few.
    Also, I hate the new youtube format – I used to like people’s youtube channels, check out all the vids they had posted, thier faves, thier playlists, kinda’ get a sense of them – now it just doesn’t work for me, I don’t even know what I’m looking at… there is no individuality in the channels.

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