I first saw this movie years ago, and found it completely ridiculous. I bought it a few years ago on DVD, to be a completist, and recently watched it for the first time in forever. And it was…..just as stupid as I remember. Even more so, actually. I found a few likeable sequences, and a few good character traits in our final girl, but honestly, I could completely do without this one. That said, I definitely liked the Breakfast Club arrangement of the cast on the poster. This one is crazy, absolutely crazy. Not good crazy – idiotic, mind-numbing, will-it-ever-end crazy.

We get the typical introduction about the past crimes of the chainsaw-wielding family, and then, we’re introduced to two fucking punk ass teenagers, driving along the back roads of Texas. They’re drinking, listening to the radio, and destroying property. Didn’t we all do that? Uhh, no. Anyway, they play chicken with this truck driver, running him off the road, and they really shouldn’t have done that. They call into the radio station to speak to the host, Stretch, a pretty, resourceful young woman, who they begin to harass. They refuse to stop and won’t hang up the phone, which I don’t really get. I mean, I don’t know how radio stations work, but if I want to not talk to someone anymore, I hang up the phone…but that’s just me. Later on, they call again, as they encounter the truck from earlier. It begins taunting them, driving right alongside them. Leatherface, wearing some kind of creepy get-up begins chainsawing their car, and eventually cuts the top of the teen driver’s head off. The kids crash, and Stretch hears the whole horrific encounter. The next morning, investigators are on the scene, collecting evidence from the crash. A former Texas Ranger, Lt. Lefty Enright, (what kind of fucking name is that, really?!), played by Dennis Hopper, comes upon the crash, and believes the chainsaw murderers are behind it. Other cops tell him to get lost, but he’s determined to get justice for his niece and nephew, Sally and Franklin Hardesty, from 13 years ago.

Lefty somehow convinces a local newspaper to run the story he’s chasing, prompting a visit from Stretch, who tries to get him to listen to the tape of the murders. He brushes her off for some reason, and she goes back downstairs. The hotel is hosting a Texas-Oklahoma Chili Cook-Off – the winner turns out to be Drayton Sawyer (The Cook from the original). Everyone wants to know the secret to his fantastic meat, but he’s keeping his lips zipped. She and her partner L.G. record a report of the cook-off, and leave. Lefty goes to a chainsaw store, and purchases three, two small, and one huge one, to which he lays down about 600 or so bucks in cash. He meets Stretch back at her station, saying he’s changed his mind. He wants her to broadcast the tape every hour in hopes of gaining tips and information. She’s reluctant, but agrees. On his way home from receiving the chili award, Drayton gets a phone call from his family, telling him that the radio is playing a tape of the murders. After listening to the tape for what seems like forever, L.G. goes to get food, and Stretch is left alone. She hears a noise and goes investigating.

Stretch comes upon a terrifyingly hideous man in a wig, sitting on the couch. He tells her she’s his favorite, and talks about a bunch of weird things. She asks him to leave, trying to keep him calm, because he keeps burning a metal hanger with a lighter, scratching his head with it, and licking it. Gross. This guy (Bill Moseley, one of the only good things about the movie) has horrendous teeth, and isn’t very fashionable. He’s freaking her out, and she gives him a mini-tour to pacify him. As he enters the record room, he flips the light on, revealing Leatherface with his cranked up chainsaw. Leatherface chases her throughout the station, as she eventually barricades herself in a room behind a huge metal door. In the process, he has knocked off Chop-Top’s wig, revealing a large nasty plate in his head, which is not covered by skin. That’s what he was picking at with the hanger, which makes it even more icky. Stretch is relieved when the buzzing stops.

Leatherface goes back out to confront L.G., who has now returned with some drinks. He knocks him down, and Chop-Top proceeds to bash him about the head with a hammer for what seems like an eternity. He tells Leatherface to finish the girl off, and he breaks into the room from the other side. She attempts to distract him by acting sexually towards him. He replies by grossly licking his lips, and running the now-off chainsaw up her thigh into her crotch. She pretends to like it to make him not want to kill her, and it works. She tells him he’s good, and seriously, watching Leatherface get horny is extremely disturbing in itself. He freaks out again, apparently sexually frustrated (come on dude, look at yourself, you’re wearing someone else’s face). He doesn’t kill her though, but goes back downstairs and tells Chop-Top he did. They drag off L.G., hop in their truck, and drive away.

Ugh, I’m sort of already sick of talking about this one, and for me, that’s pretty rare. There’s just no umph, no spark in this sequel. Anyway, Stretch is pissed that the murderers showed up and Lefty wasn’t there, so she follows them. Makes sense? No, but it’s a movie. They’re going to their home, which is located underground in some sort of abandoned theme park or something ridiculous. She gets out of the car, and someone begins chasing her in a vehicle. It’s only Lefty (can we please change his name?!), and as her face shows relief, the ground opens up beneath her feet, and she starts falling. Lefty tries to help her by reaching out with a skeletonized arm. She grabs its bony fingers, but we all know how frail dead limbs are, so it breaks and she falls for what seems like forever. Now, Lefty is even more determined, and straps the chainsaws to himself in full militia style, which by the way, looks utterly ridiculous. Normally, I don’t mind revenge aspects, but this is just too much. I know it’s supposed to be dark comedy, but I don’t get that at all. It’s more like……ridiculous. Yes, I’m aware that I’ve used the word ‘ridiculous’ several times, but it’s really the best adjective for this film.

So he bursts in the joint, guns….I mean, chainsaws blazing, and starts tearing the place apart, making his way from room to room. Stretch hides as she sees Leatherface begin to undress and skin parts of her friend, L.G. He removes his face, and hangs it on a meat hook. He notices Stretch, and tries to attack her. She tells him “no good”, and he stops. He goes over and grabs L.G.’s face, and places it on hers, as well as his cowboy hat. She’s lookin’ really freaky and bloody, and Leatherface begins to dance with her. Suddenly, Lefty’s destruction upstairs causes debris to fall on them, and Leatherface must hide her again.

Leatherface goes to the rest of his family, while Stretch discovers that L.G. isn’t dead. He gets up and begins wandering around with no skin on his face or the right side of his chest, his ribs exposed. He cuts the ties binding Stretch’s hands, and falls down, finally dead. She gives his face and cowboy hat back to their rightful owner. Stretch escapes the room and starts running, but she is noticed by the family. Meanwhile, Lefty is still cutting a path of destruction looking for the killers. He comes upon Franklin’s skeleton, still mangled and sitting in his wheelchair from thirteen years earlier. Lefty’s even more pissed now, and continues his quest for revenge.

Stretch runs into Leatherface in a long tunnel thing, and he begins chasing her. Finally confronted, his family catches up, and starts talking how about how Bubba’s got a girlfriend, and they want her to stay for dinner. Drayton tells Leather to finish her off, but he won’t do it. She begs him to help her, but Chop-Top continues to act insane and harass her while carrying around a dead body. Leatherface begins hitting his head against a light fixture, and Stretch wakes up at the dinner table, as usual.

At supper, Stretch is tied to the table, and the family goes to get Grandpa. She screams at Leatherface to let her go, but he simply can’t bring himself to defy his relatives. They drag her from the table, and try to get Grandpa to bash her in the head with a hammer, just like in the original. He’s too weak to do any real damage, but eventually does knock her unconscious. Lefty bursts in with his chainsaw, and confronts the family. Drayton, I guess, doesn’t realize what he’s pissed about, and thinks it’s concerning his meat, his business, and him winning the chili cook-off. He soon takes him a bit more seriously, and as he turns to get away, he is chainsawed in the butt. It doesn’t kill him though, and he hides under the table. Lefty and Leatherface get into a chainsaw match of pretty fantastic proportions, including on top of the table that Drayton is hiding beneath. He frees Stretch and tells her to run. She does, with Chop-Top right behind her.

Lefty eventually plunges the chainsaw into Leatherface’s stomach, but somehow he’s still fighting. Under the table, however, Drayton figures his only way out is to use the grenade hidden in one of the dead body’s pocket. He pulls the pin out, and a few minutes later, as Lefty raises his two small chainsaws in victory, it falls to the floor. It’s not really shown, but it’s assumed that the place blows up. I guess. I mean, this movie is so crazy, no one can tell what the fuck is going on half the time. Stretch makes her way across a bridge, and is attacked by Chop-Top, but she uses electricity to zap his metal plate, causing him to spaz out for a while. She sees the most obvious EXIT sign ever, and takes the flight of stairs. She gets out of the building finally, and climbs up some kind of rock structure with even more stairs.

That loony fuck Chop-Top is still behind her, and as he gets closer, she bites the shit out of him. She attacks him from behind, causing him to lose his balance, and hang on for dear life to the staircase. Well, of course, he makes it back up to the top. Stretch finds herself in some sort of altar thing that’s some sort of shrine to the Sawyer grandmother, as she sits, dead and rotting, with flowing gray hair, chainsaw in tow. Chop-Top arrives, and begins cutting his own throat several times, as Stretch reaches for the chainsaw on Grandma’s lap. He tells her to leave the woman alone, but she cuts him in the stomach and he falls backwards off the mountain. Emerging victorious, and now clearly nuts as well, she begins cheering, and swinging the chainsaw around, as Leatherface does at the end of nearly every movie.

Wow, so, this movie is……incredibly repetitive, manic (and not in a good way), confusing, cheesy, boring in most parts, and too long. Not that I have an issue with long movies in general, just long movies that feature nothing but the same people running around, screaming the entire time, and never getting anywhere. As you can probably tell, this is my least favorite Chainsaw film. I didn’t like it before, and I don’t like it now. I don’t hate it, it’s just that I couldn’t get into it. I rolled my eyes several times, and found myself getting verrryyyy sleeeepppy. Someone, please give me a few redeeming qualities about this film, besides Chop-Top’s character, and the unique, creepy chainsaw-in-the-crotch part. This is so far removed from the original. It’s honestly hard to believe they were both directed by the same guy. I just think the story became quite ludicrous, and it held none of the gritty, grindhouse, snuff-film feeling you get from the first one. I liked Stretch as the radio DJ, but after a while, her screaming really got on my nerves, and it just felt too forced. Jim Siedow and Bill Moseley were brilliant as usual, but the rest of the movie didn’t fit their genius. Dennis Hopper’s Lefty Enright was just…..I don’t know. Ridiculous? Not vengeful enough? Half insane himself? The character was just so weird, and weird in a way I didn’t get. Usually, weird is good, but in this case, it was like his character was pulled from a different movie and placed in a slasher film loaded with chainsaws and no direction as to what to do, what to say, or where to go. This is definitely not the best Chainsaw film, it’s the worst. You could completely skip this one, and miss, virtually, nothing from the story or the series as a whole.


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  1. rwhyan says:

    Was never a huge fan of the second one either. The original and the remake are the best in my opinion! Great review.

    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s just too much running around and not enough….something. I don’t know, it just lacked the power and spark of the first one. Appreciate the comment!

  2. thomwade says:

    I like this one…but mainly because it is a parody. Hooper made it be ause the studio wanted a sequel…so much like Dante and Gremlins 2, they went the route of making a satire. Plus that chainsaw duel? I love it.

  3. kloipy says:

    I LOVE this movie. In my opinion the only good TCM movies are 1 and 2. I really can’t stand the remakes but I can understand why people do. I love the just balls to the wall insanity of part 2. It’s like the dinner scene from part 1 throughout the whole movie

    • Haha, yeah, I can see what you mean, and I understand why you like it, I just never could get into it. I actually couldn’t wait for it to end! I don’t like not liking movies in a series, but some, I can’t help it! Thanks for commenting!

  4. This one sucks for the same reason that both remakes suck, really. They have no sense of the moderation and subtlety that the original had. Nor do they make one empathise with the heroine to the extent that the original did. But I digress.

    Probably the worst sin of both remakes, in my eyes, is that they do not attempt to recreate the chainsaw dance that Gunnar Hansen did so incredibly well in the original. Hansen is a very big man, both in terms of height and bulk, so when he seemingly moves around at random, swinging a chainsaw that does not look comically small next to him like it is a lightsabre, it is frightening to behold.

    I forget what the name of the actress in this film is, but when they asked her to try to recreate the chainsaw dance, I wonder what went through her mind. Did she at any point say to the director “look, I am 5’2″ and 130 pounds, not 6’6″ and 300”? Who knows? But the first time I saw the end of TCM2, what went through my head was “are you swinging that chainsaw, or is the chainsaw swinging you?”.

    Kloipy is right about one thing. The film does recreate the mood of the original to a degree that varies between average and great. But I think that someone forgot to tell people like Dennis Hopper that it was not supposed to be a comedy.

  5. Woo boy! See, I love this movie. The only real complaint I can say is that there is no middle act. It’s too early in the morning for my brain to be working to put my thoughts down on this one, so I’ll just put the ending song up here for us to jam tool! (and I’ll post my thoughts about the film later today). 🙂 MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!!

  6. Alright, so the biggest complaint I’ve heard from people about this movie is that it’s not the same as the first. The problem with this is to remember that the first CAN. NOT. be duplicated. The hell those people went through to make it wasn’t done because they wanted to, they did what needed to be done to make the film, and it’s part of what makes the film seem so real. The lack of a budget is the biggest assest that film had; it spurned it’s cast and crew to strive and suffer to make the film and it shows in the finished product. It’s a piece of outlaw art that someone has to be insane to try to do over.

    Now, we get to the 80’s. Everything is bigger and over the top compared to the 70s. TCSM 2 is one of the sequels that goes for the over the top approach. So yeah, it’s not the original. But it does have the same insane feel to it. One of above posters says that TCSM2 isn’t a comedy; it -IS- a comedy. The poster makes that explict in it’s Breakfast Club paraody.

    I can see why this can be an issue for some people; but it never bothered me because the first has the same elements of pitch black comedy to begin with. From every line Franklin speaks (R.I.P. Paul Partain!) to the dinner scene…the first film is dripping with horrible things that also happen to be funny.

    So the humor is not new to the series. What is new to the series is an actual budget and somewhat of a plot structure. The first film is a bunch of people have a really bad day and is pretty random. It’s simplistic. I’m not complaining, I like that. But it’s hard to do that again.

    So we have the Sawyer clan doing what was big in the 80’s. Being yuppies. Or at least what counts for yuppies in their minds. I love the way the family is expanded upon and allowed to take the stage as the main characters in this film. The opening scene on the bridge is amazing. We don’t see any real gore in the first; in this one we get Tom Savini doing what he does best. It’s like Tobe Hooper is addressing the fact that the first doesn’t exactly have any massacres on screen, so he decides to make the entire film a bloodbath.

    Lefty is amazing, and gets some of the best dialog. I love the way he shows up at the crash site and that lil prick is trying to tell him there is nothing to see here. Just two boys raising a lil hell. Lefty responds with something like “Yeah having a good time! One of them boys was having so much fun he sawed his own head off going 90 miles per hour!”. He just owns that dude. Great introduction to the character. The problems with his preformance as being odd is what is “wrong” with all of Dennis Hopper’s preformances. That’s just the way he acts.

    And LG is pretty awesome too. Even though he is really gross, he loves Stretch to death (literally), and he builds her a fry house. He’s not a bad guy at all, and takes Stretch’s rebuffs pretty well, and seems genuinely hurt she doesn’t like him. It’s not like a stalker thing where it’s a selfish thing…..he really cares about her. And the “incoming mail” scene is a bit hard to watch because of this.

    The only real preformance I can take issue with is the new Leatherface. The way he does the dance every five minutes gets a bit annoying. And the film does lag between the bridge scene and the attack on the KOKLA station. That aside, the atmosphere -IS- Texas. The Oklahoma-Texas football rivalry is huge down there and it’s cool how they worked that into part of the plot.

    And oh man, there is the ending. You get Bill Mosley and Jim Siedow just bouncing off the walls and each other for about 45 minutes. It’s INSANE!!!! And hilarious! “The small businessman always gets it in the ass!”

    It cracks me up the way the family reacts when Lefty is chopping down “Namland’s” support system and Dreighton thinks that they are under attack by a bill collector or something….then Lefty finally confronts them. He tells them “I am the Lord of the Harvest” and Dreighton thinks that it’s a health food joint. That is very funny to me.

    One thing that is missing in the DVD releases is that at the end when Strech is swinging the saw, you can see a truck go past on the freeway behind her. All that craziness was happening just a few feet away from civilzation. It sucks that for whatever reason, you can’t see the truck on the DVD releases. It fits the whole theme of the series that crazy shit happens for no good reason admist the normality of life. And the movie closes with “Strange Things Happen”. They most certainly do.

    And that’s my take on the film. 🙂 Feel free to disagree, I don’t mind. We’re all horror fans and all friends. Personal taste and takes are what they are.

    The ferocious nature of the first one is in full effect at the end when Chop Top is chasing after Stretch. It’s more polished than the original, no grain, and full on daylight, but it’s BRUTAL. It’s the first time Chop Top really becomes scary (at least to me). I mean we know he’s a sick bastard, but this is the first time all the jokes are gone, he’s done talking, freaked out his family is dying around him, and someone for the first time is fighting back. There is a desperation there that makes it frightening.

    • Dang, that’s a long comment! Haha, I do understand all you said in defense of this film, and I respect it, I just disagree! But it is nice to see it does have a few fans out there, I wish I had liked it more than I did……there was just something missing for me in this one, I guess! I do agree that some of the lines and characters are hilarious, though! Thank you for commenting!!!

      • You’re welcome! Sorry i didn’t mean to like….write a book or anything. You know how it is — sometimes when you bring the thunder you get lost in the storm! It’s awesome though that you did a review for the ENTIRE series in like a week. Strong with the force, you are.

      • Haha, no worries, long comments are good! Thank you! Yeah, I haven’t done the third yet because my screencap program won’t play my DVD of it…..still haven’t figured out why! I might just have to snag some pics off the net and do it that way….lol!

  7. A lot of people hated House of 1000 Corpses, but I would say that movie better represents what this movie wanted to be. Like Chainsaw 2, that Rob Zombie movie was incredibly silly. However, House of 1000 Corpses had a genuinely sadistic edge that Chainsaw 2 didn’t have. Since House of 1000 Corpses was pretty sadistic, and the film’s silliness made me laugh fairly often, I love that movie.

    The character of the vengeful Texas Ranger seems to have been stolen by Rob Zombie, and used in The Devil’s Rejects. I consider The Devil’s Rejects to be an example of a sequel that is totally different from the original, but is still a pretty good movie. That doesn’t happen often, as Chainsaw 2 has proven. Anyway, I prefer House of 1000 Corpses over The Devil’s Rejects, although hardly anyone agrees with me.

    And why the hell would a Texas Ranger arm himself with chainsaws? Wouldn’t a few handguns and a machinegun make more sense? Oh well. I see his choice of weapons as another example of the movie’s extreme silliness, and that Tobe Hooper wasn’t trying to make a movie with any degree of logic. And that’s OK, as long as it results in an enjoyable movie. BUT in this case, I didn’t like Chainsaw 2.

    The chainsaw duel was a lot better in Motel Hell, than in Chainsaw 2. And aside from the Chainsaw duel, I didn’t like much of anything about Motel Hell.

    deathstalker2 did an impressive job of praising Chainsaw 2. And he emphasizes that Chainsaw 2 is supposed to be a comedy. I pretty much agree that the movie is supposed to be a comedy. However, I didn’t find the movie funny at all. As for the violence/gore, I was unimpressed. As for the film’s few attempts at being unsettling – it fails. I consider this movie to be like a sideshow freak at a carnival – he/she is an interesting sight to behold, but you won’t get any enjoyment from seeing him/her.

    • Thanks for the comment! I too was pretty unimpressed with the violence and gore, it just didn’t seem genuine the same way the other films do. I hate when blood looks extremely fake, unless it’s in a very obvious, ridiculous way. But this was just…..so confusing, I felt like nothing in the movie fit together.

    • My thoughts on Lefty going with the saw, it’s because that was the weapon used against his family, so he felt it was appropriate to make the weapon his own. Lefty is just as insane as the family.

  8. I hated this at first. But when the DVD came out a few years ago I bought it and gave it another shot. Loved it this time around. I love how it takes scenes from the original and almost spoofs them.

    I just loved this movie. Such fun. It does slightly drag in the final act, but overall I had a blast with this. The original is my favorite,but this is probably 2nd.


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