As horrible parents go, it doesn’t get much worse than Krug Stillo. As the menacing lead “baddie” in my favorite movie, Last House on the Left (1972), Krug proves that not everyone should have children, particularly sadistic, murdering rapists.


-hooking his son, Junior, on heroin to control him

-the “1966 triple slaying of a priest and two nuns”

– breaking out of prison

-kidnapping, raping, torturing, and murdering two teen girls

– forcing his own son to commit suicide

Another horrific example of someone who should never have been a parent, Freddy Krueger, as exemplified in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, had a daughter named Katherine, who was later adopted after her mother’s death.


– killing his daughter’s mother because she snooped in his special room

– child molester and murderer of at least 20 kids while he was alive

– acquired an even higher body count after becoming a dream demon

The Elm Street series provided us no shortage of worthless parents. Despite the fact that they hunted down the child murderer and took revenge, it seems they haven’t done a good deed since. Tina’s mother, though only in the film for about 30 seconds, just seems icky to me.


– doesn’t comfort her daughter

– tells her to either quit having nightmares or cut her fingernails

– leaves town with her boyfriend to go to Vegas – isn’t Tina supposedly 15?!

Marge Thompson, Nancy’s mother, seems to have never met a drink she didn’t like, and Nancy has to suffer for it. Not to mention, and no offense to the Blakley, but her character looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet.


– drinks like a fish

– is condescending to her daughter and ex-husband

– she does not believe Nancy about her dreams

– she bars the doors and windows so Nancy can’t leave the house

Elaine Parker, Kristen’s mother from Dream Warriors and The Dream Master, is a country-club-going, rich bitch who cannot be bothered with her own daughter. Though Freddy cuts her head off in Part 3, she is back in Part 4, thus eliminating her from his body count….darn.


– has numerous men over at night

-ignores Kristen

-thinks Kristen is insane

-sends Kristen to a mental facility

-apparently gave Kristen credit cards at an early age

-yells at Kristen for hanging out with her friends

-drugs her daughter in part 4, causing her to sleep the last sleep she’ll ever sleep

Alice and Rick’s father, Dennis, is a complete asshole in The Dream Master, but does a complete 180 in The Dream Child, and is now a happy grandfather.


– alcoholic


-ignores his children

-constantly in a bad mood

-comes home late from work and gripes to Alice about the meal she so nicely made for him

John Strode, brother of Laurie’s adoptive father, is such a prick that we squeal with joy when Michael ends his miserable life in The Curse of Michael Myers.




-abusive, rude husband

-slaps daughter Kara, across the face, drawing blood

-calls his own grandson a bastard

-makes everyone’s life a living hell

Ever since taking in orphan Esther, John had a strange, questionable relationship towards her in the twisted film, Orphan.


-completely denies any of Esther’s wrongdoings and takes her side, despite his wife’s protests

-he and his wife have sex in the kitchen, right out in the open, with no regard for the three kids in their house

-nearly has an inappropriate relationship with Esther towards the end

Jack Torrance, a semi-recovering alcoholic, probably shouldn’t have taken a job looking over a hotel for six months with no one around but his goofy kid and mousey wife in The Shining.


-months before taking the new job, Jack had dislocated his son’s shoulder after coming home drunk

-speaks horribly to his wife, getting mad at the littlest things

-relapses and begins drinking heavily

-loses his mind and attempts to kill his wife and son with an ax

-kills sweet old Halloran

Crazy Man and Woman from The People Under the Stairs weren’t really cut out to be parents in any sense of the word.


-abuse their daughter constantly

-keep other children in the cellar

-created a long maze in the walls

-believe every little thing a child does is wrong or evil

-kills Leroy

– cut out the tongue of one of the boys, making him mute, as well as mutilating other kids

Gene York, budding politician, becomes an accomplice in Delia’s evil plot in The Omen IV: The Awakening.


-believes evil adopted Delia over his own wife, Karen, on every issue

-basically makes Karen think she is going crazy

-is in on the plot to bring the Antichrist to power with Damien Thorn’s daughter, Delia

-allows the impregnation of his wife with the seed harvested from satanic Delia with the help of their family doctor

Margaret White in Carrie is the epitomy of a horrible mother – religious zealot, insensitive, basically evil. Thanks to subtitledhell for reminding me of my complete failure to initially mention her in this post!


– forcing her child to pray in a closet with the creepiest looking Jesus ever

-blaming her child for getting her period

-accusing Carrie of being a witch and attracting men for lust

-scares everyone in the neighborhood with her religious fanaticism

– stabbing Carrie and leaving her to die in the same closet with that same creepy Jesus


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  1. Okay can we agree that The Walking Dead is Horror If so then I have to absolutely include Ed and Carol Peletier. Ed was either planning to or actively molesting his 12 year old daughter Sophia, Once Ed is dead and out of the way Carol helplessly stands by while two walkers chase Sophia into the woods, do nothing but cry moan and point fingers until We Next see Sophia as a walker.

    Then there is Lori and Rick Grimes, granted Rick has a lot on his plate (what with the Shane Issue, The Randall Issue, The Hershel is going to kick us off the farm issue) but Lori doesn’t. It’s the middle of a zombie apocalypse and Carl is just now recovering from being shot and Lori’s theme song seems to be Where is Carl? I can’t find Carl. Has anyone seen Carl? And when Carl does show up looking like he spent the last three hours wallowing in the swamp, Lori isn’t the least bit concerned about where he was or what he was doing.

    Sorry but neglectful parents are just as bad as evil ones!

    • Haha, nice! I absolutely believe neglectful parents are bad also, and there are a few on the list. I have actually never watched the Walking Dead, and I was just going on movies, not tv, but it absolutely sounds insane! Great choice 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Caliber Winfield says:

    Very interesting list.

    Myself, I’ll probably always choose the mom from the first Nightmare, simply because she was THE WORST ACTRESS OF ALL TIME. Ugh. I fast forward through that scene everytime. I mean, was our boy Wes Craven sleeping with her or something? Why did he let that crap pass? It was terrible. That, and Scream 4 are two things I cannot forgive him for.

    Also, I just want to say that I’m rather impressed with the site. It’s ultra-rare to find a girl who’s in college, not going for a bullshit degree, and can actually come up with interesting topics to write about. So, kudos.

  3. matts1970 says:

    Ya can’t overlook the classic Randy Quaid Black Comedy Parent’s..cos who doesn’t love having Canibals as parents ?

  4. I would add Margaret Whaite from Carrie & Mr & Mrs Yamazaki from Visitor Q to that list

  5. At least you spelt her name right lol

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