Today was a fantastic day. George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder, 44 days after Trayvon Martin was murdered. He has been taken into custody and supposedly turned himself into police. I have been watching this case DAILY, and particularly today when it was revealed there was to be a press conference by special prosecutor, Angela Corey.

Just for a look, I stupidly decided to go on CNN’s message boards to see how everyone else felt about it. Apparently, I did not know the extent of the racist, ignorant, gun-loving trolls we have in this country. Here are a few despicable posts I wanted to share with you, so that you will know and realize that racism, is indeed, alive and well in this country. It just stays buried beneath the surface, waiting for the right time to spring up again. It seems that time is now. All comments are as they were, I have not edited them or spell-checked them in any way. This just adds to the sheer stupidity of these people that they cannot even spell, punctuate, or capitalize words. These are some of America’s “fine, patriotic” citizens:


The media circus continues and this fat lady in red really needs to get out of the way of things she is so fat!

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brian in dc

Better not have the trial on the first of the month, no one will show up.

April 11, 2012 at 6:36 pm | Report abuse | Reply

Simply Me.

A great Day for the COLOREDS !

April 11, 2012 at 6:36 pm | Report abuse | Reply


As many white people as possible should goto the neigborhoods near the court house and riot its time for us to stand up to these monsters and animals.


Does anyone else see the humor in the president of the NAACP’s name being Ben Jealous?

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What a piece of racist BS is being posted on CNN. People have the right to defend themselves from racist thugs like “Travon” without the whole racist community chiming in. He’s a thug plain and simple and had no business in that gated community without the intention of depriving people of their belongings as most thugs do. You can’t just punch someone in the face and break their nose because your racist self didn’t like what he heard. It’s called “Assault and Battery” and any other outcome of this will prove how racist the media are. Where is the assault and battery charge???

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April 11,      2012 at 6:41 pm | Report  abuse | Reply

John      Conquest

Idiot prosecutor. George Zimmerman was doing his duty, protecting the people of his community, when he was VICIOUSLY AND VIOLENTLY ATTACKED by Trayvon Martin.

He was ripped from his car, and the teenage beast was pounding Zimmerman’s head against the pavement repeatedly. George did the only thing that a reasonable person would do; he used lethal force to protect his life from the vicious assault.


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Seriusly I know the solution to this put a bunch of white people in one area in a bad neighborhood and when the animals come to attack shoot them all repeat until they are all dead.

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HaHa Trayvon was innocent, have you seen the “real” pictures of your kid – he was a thug, he caused problems in school, his neigbhorhood – his own peers disliked him. He stole from his “friends” Black/White/Hispanic A Thug – is a Thug – and if he was beating me up I would have shot him in the head, there is a right to defend ones self, these parents are on the “PRESS” bandwaggon talking crack about Zimmerman. Angela Corey another prejudice politically motivated pawn in the CNN/ABC/NBC racial scam that all black americans fell for… Sad they have no brains to think for themselfs based on facts, which NO ONE has !


This kid was not important, he acted like a thug and now poor Trayvon. This is bull

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My brother was murdered two years ago and and no one has been charged.

I wish my brother was black. Maybe people would care.

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The only innocent black kid is the one that dies at birth

April 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm | Report abuse | Reply

Michael      Borter

Caved in to nigpresure. Al Sharpton is a clown. 17 year old child? These “children” strip naked tourists, beat them half-to death and rob them. They don’t think. Shame on you Florida. next thing you know they will tka e your guns. Shame. Should have stood your ground against bafoonery.

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Lively      TRUTH

Honestly, it is pathetically sad that the leftist mainstream media is trying hard to turn this incident into a race crime. It does not matter if George was racist or not, the question is whether he shot Trayvon in self defence or not.

And, the fact of the matter is that there is no proof that George chased down Trayvon and shot him just for being black. The police on scene, eye witness accounts and the State Attorney all concluded that George acted in self defence.

If a 6’3″ black guy in a “hoodie” jumped on you and started attacking you, breaking your nose, in the middle of the night what would you do?

Eye witnesses called the police because George was yelling for help. A witness stated “the guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on, was yelling to me, ‘Help! Help!’ and I told him to stop, and I was calling 911…And then, when I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on the top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point.”

The leftist mainstream media might as well post baby pictures of Trayvon, without the gold “gangsta” teeth, since they are trying so hard to paint the black guy into a sort of saint. Yet, the fact of the matter Trayvon is the type of guy who was kicked out of school for possession of drugs.

In the end, the leftist mainstream media and obama seems to be trying really hard to rally their base and win the battle ground state of Florida in the upcoming elections.

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All right, that’s about all I can stand. These people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, and likely have no knowledge of laws, or the criminal justice system in general, in the slightest! If you’re going to talk smack and disparage someone’s name, at least learn to spell it correctly, it will make you look a tidbit less ignorant than you already do. If any of these racist, right-wing lunatics had bothered listening to and watching the evidence, they would know that Trayvon did belong in that neighborhood; his father lived in a gated community. It’s YOU and your racist shithead friends who feel he doesn’t belong. To racists, he doesn’t belong anywhere. Then, they have to stoop to insulting the President, and the special prosecutor. “She’s fat”. What the FUCK does that have to do with anything? Nothing at all. I know, everyone is going to tell me to not give any weight to these evil trolls on the internet who likely aren’t even using their real names. But, it bothers me. It should bother all of us as Americans, and more importantly, as humans.

This country is absolutely still mentally segregated. Not everyone, but a lot more than I thought; a lot more than I wanted to believe. This is 2012, people. If you cannot come out of the cave and step away from your burning cross, it seems YOU are the one who doesn’t belong. What is wrong with people? I mean, seriously? Saying that “the only innocent black child is one who dies at birth”? Who ARE these cretins and where do they live? Because I’d like to get as far away from this ignorant racism as I possibly can. I just have no words….Trayvon is this generation’s Emmett Till in some respects. We have to continue to seek justice in this country for everyone, and it should not be this hard to get someone to look at a case where a seventeen year old was shot dead in the street. As for these trolls, I know they’re wrong. I know they’re idiots. It just really gets under my skin, and I had to say something about it. One of these morons said it was in the middle of the night. Since when is 7pm the middle of the night? News to me. Please everyone, don’t ever stop fighting for justice, in your own little way. Every bit counts, as we can see with what just happened today in this case. Let justice prevail for one, and for all. Rest in peace, Trayvon. Your murder sparked a movement in this country we have not seen in decades, so maybe your loss will not be in vain.


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  1. Honestly I think a lot of those comments are bullshit. People get online and act like total morons. People act a different way online since they are safe in front of their computer screens.

    While I am quite sure many people feel that way I think some of it are just from idiots who need a time out.


    • Agreed. I just had to say something, I couldn’t hold it in.

      • It’s sad people actually feel that way though. I honestly keep shut on these topics simply because of the ignorant people I’ ve met. For my own sanity it’s better to stay quite since all I would do is get annoyed lol

      • I know what you mean, but staying quiet makes those ignorant people feel they are right and getting away with it, thus perpetuating the cycle.

      • Very true, but some people won’t change. They don’t see anything wrong with their views. That’s the scary thing. That’s why I stay quite. However on certain issues I refuse to.

        As for this case I haven’t said much, but did post a picture of myself in a hoodie, which I often wear actually. I’ve been followed around stores, stopped by the cops and searched. So this case does bother me.

        And for the record I have never been arrested. Some when stopped or followed you’re targeting the wrong person.

  2. luckshotpro says:

    Reblogged this on luckshotpromovies and commented:
    I feel that this is something that all of you need to see. I would write how I feel about this, but someone else already did. Thank you.

  3. psykko666 says:

    I have no comment, but can respect your opinion. That’s the wonderful thing about free speech. Every one can voice their opinion. I just choose not to voice mine on this particular subject.

    • LOL, if you have no comment, why did you comment? I’m hoping you aren’t racist…

      • psykko666 says:

        I was commenting on the fact that you have the right to voice your opinion, as do the ‘idiots’.

        Everyone in the country is talking about this case, I just choose not to follow it or comment on it. I was not there and do not know exactly what happened. So, I feel I don’t have the right to comment and vent on the circumstances.

        I do know that there is a lot of racism on both sides of the argument. As there always is. It is not just the white people or the african americans who are racist. It is both sides. Whether it is 2012 or 5012, it will never change.

        People fear what they don’t understand, and the media uses that fear to spark these things to gather more ratings and viewers to their ‘news’. Things like this are reasons I have no respect for the ‘news’. They are there to cause and spark the civil unrest we see occasionally in this country. The media sparked this. But, that is my opinion. Trying not to start anything, but how’s that for a comment on my no comment? lol

      • The civil unrest is always there, it just takes someone to pay attention to it to bring it out. Would you rather have injustices go unnoticed? I would hope not. I wasn’t there either, but the facts are pretty obvious. I don’t see any racism on anyone’s side unless it is proven, and those idiots on the message boards saying it themselves. I just don’t understand why you commented to say you had no comment…if you didn’t want to say anything. Just sort of confusing, that’s all.

  4. RaoulDukeKD says:

    Well said. This hasn’t been covered much here, but I have been following the story. Nice piece, and I love what you said. Very true.

  5. Great story, we don’t hear too much about US news like this. What a total injustice for the boys family. I guarantee you that G-D forbid it had been one of my white and wealthy there would have been no waiting. It’s just one more reason I am so happy to be becoming a citizen of the United Kingdom and become an ex-patriot. Not saying that all of the US is bad but we’re not talking about something in a rural back-water town. come on, this happened in Florida and the matter that the man was free for over a month while the system decided if the child’s murder was a crime is pure outrageous stupidity! Great Post

  6. cigarrete burns says:

    The thing that always amazes me about cases like this that bring out all the ignorant and racist people is how easily they can disregard human life. It is beyond comprehension how anyone can ignore the reality that a young boy is dead, but only focus on the color of his skin and use the case as a forum to spout off their own ignorance and hatred. I despair for humanity

  7. Ancient says:

    People never surprise me. I’ve been avoiding writing about the Trayvon case purposefully, because I saw no interesting angle. You found it.

  8. Unfortunately, people seem to have this belief that conversing on the Internet is somehow different to conversing face to face or over the ‘phone or any other real-time method. Whilst the logistics and methodologies are indeed different, most of the basic rules are very much the same.

    One man who I engaged in conversation about this back in the days when BBSes were still around told me and the rest of the audience about what he calls “Rambo Syndrome”. That is, when one is conversing online with people they do not know from Adam, they have a tendency to mistake themselves for Rambo. This tendency, I am probably going to write about further in my own journal at some point.

    But what you are seeing in a lot of the racist, ignorant comments made on the Trayvon Martin case is an acute case of Rambo Syndrome. All these people going on about how they are going to gun people down and such… the funny thing is that if you rounded all of them up, put Die Hard With A Vengeance signs on them professing their hatred of black people, and ordered them to march through Harlem or Queens with a squad of riflemen at their backs, you would also need to go through the area with sanitation teams due to how much these people would soil themselves with every step they took.

    If you have read enough of my own online meanderings, then you know that I hate a lot of people. But I did some growing up a while ago and learned that hating people for characteristics they can help no more than I can help my propensity to snarl rage at people when they call me an “adult with autism” is a futile exercise. One might as well hate giraffes for having enormous necks.

    Another way I look at it is… well, this is nastier, but our world is going to need to have at least five billion less people on it by 2100 in order to avert a disaster the like of which has not been physically seen by Humans. Comments like the ones you quote here give a very good idea of where we should start with the involuntary reductions, should it come to that.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! You make some great points! Hating someone for physical characteristics is not only morally wrong, but also nonsensical, pointless, and unfounded. I really like what you had to say…really appreciate it!

  9. […] at comments made on boards like the CNN message board with regard to the murder of Trayvon Martin. This link will take you to a post commenting about the content of some of the comments on the CNN board. What […]

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  11. fluffrick says:

    I read about this story initially on the NeoGaf off-topic forum and couldn’t believe what I was reading. A private citizen murders a teenager and doesn’t even get arrested? What kind of society finds that acceptable? In the UK we have more than a few problems which we shouldn’t be smug about, but I’m proud to live in a place where our neighbourhood watch groups don’t get to ride around with concealed firearms and kill somebody because he was guilty of being African-American and wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

    The degree of racism that’s evident online and in everyday life can only begin to be challenged and hopefully eroded by people who write about issues in the way that you have. It’s not enough to think ‘this is unacceptable’ in our heads and be nice liberals – I think that we have to actively let the hatemongers know that their attitudes are not acceptable.

  12. A terrible tragedy in our society. A young man was gunned down by a vigilante. A vigilante, who motivated by his fear and prejudice, decided to take the law into his own hands. Much of the conversation since the death of Trayvon has focused on what Trayvon MUST have done in order to provoke Zimmerman to do what he did. The media and racist pundits have vilified Trayvon and, in some respects, glorified Zimmerman, applauding him for doing his job and keeping the streets of Florida safe.

    Aside from the horrific and extreme racism demonstrated in the comments you put in your post, what is truly horrible is white people calling African Americans, and other people of color, racist. We live in a racist society where various institutions afford white people unearned privileges and rights. Most of America assumed when Obama became president we as a community were ushered into a “post-racism” society. The truth is, people of color as a whole have less to resources and opportunities compared to their white counter-parts and rountinely face discrimination and prejudice in this country.

    Thank you for continuining the conversation and pointing out the asinine and reprehensible behavior of people, hiding behind their anonymity and computers. I hope that people will start to “wake up” and see the consequences of their unfounded hate and learn to be more open and inclusive of other identities and people.

  13. This case has been deliberately fed to the public to open up these wounds. The media did it’s best to sensationalize and overhype the story. NBC doctored footage and 911 calls to make Zimmerman seem like a racist loon who wasn’t assaulted by Trayvon.

    My thinking on this is that we should all wait for this to go to trial.

    From what I have heard, it looks like Trayvon was in the area that night to commit a crime. He had been found with buglary tools once before at school but nothing could have been done about it.

    With that said, Zimmerman was told not to pursue Trayvon by the 911 dispatcher and Zimmerman should have listened.

    The racists on the CNN messageboard are matched by the Black Panthers wanting to “kill whitey” as they march through Florida (nobody informed them Zimmerman was a latino). Al Sharpton continues his race baiting about the oppression of the black man and what not.

    The racial aspects of this case are fabricated, I think Zimmerman would have followed a person of any color. His viewpoint, from what I’ve heard, is that he was tired of the police response to phone calls to 911 during his time as a neighborhood watchman. It seems that Zimmerman forced a confrontation against Trayvon and Trayvon was shot during this time. In unedited footage (that the news witheld from us) you can see the cuts on Zimmermans head. Witnesses also saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman beating him.

    The whole thing is a bad situation and we all need to wait for the facts to come out during the trial before we say who is wrong and who is right.

    And the racial stuff needs to be taken off the table completely.

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