Motel Hell

Released in 1980, Motel Hell tells the story of a creepy brother and sister who run a motel/slaughterhouse, which is of course, not my favorite subject. But when these two lunatic siblings include people in their delicacies, it makes me do a little dance inside. As sick and twisted as it all is, this is clearly a horror/comedy, with more focus upon the latter genre. Farmer Vincent makes his popular meat snacks from unsuspecting motorists and motel guests. Their motel provides them no shortage of…supplies, shall I say.

This disturbing, yet highly comical cheese fest definitely ranks right up there with the most underrated classics of the genre. Even stranger is that Vincent’s cousin is a law enforcement officer, and is none the wiser of his relative’s taste for human suffering and flesh. This family is incredibly twisted, and as you can imagine, this movie does not lack for anything in the laugh department. With that gross, icky pig mask Vincent wears and his garden full of harvested humans, you will most certainly never forget this one!

The Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead burst on the scene in 1985 just in time as horror fans were craving something besides hockey-masked killers and one-dimensional portrayals of victims. They were becoming no doubt cynical about horror ever providing something new and fresh, until this little film came along. Another horror/comedy, Return is about a deadly, poisonous toxin that somehow brings the dead back to life. Typical, I know. But in this fan favorite, we get a motley crew of misfit teens (a few preps and some Nazi-like punks) fighting off rotting flesh and disease-spreading vermin from beyond the grave. Frank and Freddy, employees of a medical supply warehouse unwittingly release this toxic gas, causing all hell to break loose. Not only will the living dead kill you, they will infect and transform you if end up merely being bitten.

The aforementioned group of misfits has decided to party it up in the cemetery while waiting for Freddy to get off work, when the poison is dispersed into the air, causing acid rain to fall. These survivors try to find their way out of this yucky mess they’re in, while hilariously trying to fend off these decomposing sacks of flesh. Featuring the notorious Tar Man, and a perfectly fitting theme, as well as a few recognizable horror actors, this is a comedy to the end, and is high on many horror fan’s list of all-time classic zombie films.

Dr. Giggles

This underrated slasher from 1992 has been considered of the horror/comedy genre, as well, though this movie is much more gruesome and squirm-inducing than the two previously mentioned films. If you’ve ever wondered what could happen with all those doctor’s utensils in the hands of one psychopathic physician, this is the movie for you. This one actually used to freak me out as a kid, because the kills were relatively realistic, and Dr. Giggles’ arsenal of weapons is expansive. This guy has a terrible sense of humor, and laughs at the most inappropriate times.

Dr. Giggles (named for his heinous laugh) has escaped from a mental facility where he was imprisoned years earlier for helping his father kill patients. He has come to take his revenge on the town, particularly on a group of teens who think he’s all urban legend and decide to explore his old house. That’s never a good idea. His methods of killing appeal to some of our greatest fears – about different body parts being violated (not like that, you perv), and about what someone with as much power as a doctor can do if they feel like it. If we really think about it, doctors are given such a degree of trust, that it is absolutely terrifying to think what might happen if that trust was broken in such a violent way, albeit this guy is not scheduling appointments in the usual way, and has no “office” or bedside manner. This is, to me, one of the all-time greats, that I think few have seen, at least that I know of. I found it to be pretty cringe-worthy and not in the typical “slasher” way.


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  1. Great picks – Return of the Living Dead is one of my favorites.

  2. Excellent picks. I’m not the biggest Motel Hell fan, I do like the other 2 movies.

    Send more paramedics.

  3. Ancient says:

    Oh I’ll definitely have to check out Motel Hell. Return of the Living Dead is a classic, of course, and I doubt I’ll ever watch Dr. Giggles… The Dentist was enough Dental horror for me. If you really enjoy weird, off the wall movies, you should check out “Teeth”. It’s about Vaginal Dentata (sp?)… or teeth… you know. Lol. Excellent writing, once again 😀

    • Haha, Dr. Giggles isn’t so much teeth-related as The Dentist, so I think you’d be fine watching it. I have heard of that movie, but it sounds so crazy, I don’t think I’d be into it….I know….these movies yet THAT one sounds crazy, I’m kind of weird. Thanks a lot 🙂

      • Ancient says:

        Yeah. “Teeth” scarred me for life, definitely. It isn’t actually all that graphic… just the idea is terrifying, especially to a dude.

        A little Spoiler Alert for taste-
        Her brother is the first one to find out about it.


      • Ugh! Her brother?! Well, that’s just fucking disgusting! Thanks for the overshare, definitely made me not wanna see it, lol 😉

  4. rwhyan says:

    Awesome. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like Return of the Living Dead, such a perfect cult film.

  5. kloipy says:

    Yep, I concur. All of these are great.
    ‘Takes all kinds of Critters to make Farmer Vincent’s Vittles’

  6. Tarman has always been one of my most cherished zombies. Great choices!

  7. jmount43 says:

    One thing about Dr. Giggles is that it starred Larry Drake as the titular character. Before that, Larry was most famous for playing Benny, the retarded assistant on L.A. Law. In other words, he went from being mentally retarded to just plain mental.

  8. RaoulDukeKD says:

    I love Dr. Giggles!

  9. Love It, Lady!!!
    Love It LOVE IT!!!
    I Have ALL THREE FLICKS, And You’re Already Forcing Me To Go All RORY CALHOUN TONIGHT!!! hahahahaha

  10. I feel inadequate. Of these three, I have only seen Return Of The Living Dead (none of these three are available anywhere I know of in High Definition media yet, so the chance that I am going to see the other two anytime soon is nil). What I loved about Return Of The Living Dead the most is that the people who chose and/or composed the music in the film clearly knew the culture that the majority of the characters in the film represented, and aimed for an authentic representation.

  11. I used…..PRESERVATVES!!!!!

    Ever seen Tourist Trap? It’s amazing as well.

    You have great taste.

  12. Love me some Motel Hell!

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