As you may or may not know, the Two Coreys are two of my favorite people ever on Earth. Particularly Corey Haim, albeit this movie focuses more on the main character of Bobby Keller, played by Feldman. Yes, I am a horror maven, but I do have a soft spot for certain precious teen movies from the 80s. This is one of them.

Best friends Bobby and Dinger (Haim) are inseparable high schoolers, constantly listening to rad 80s music and dressing in that classic 80s garb. Bobby reveals his love for Lainie Diamond (Meredith Salenger), their buddy Joel’s girlfriend. Joel is a real prick and doesn’t treat Lainie right at all. Dinger tells Bobby he’s crazy and that he’ll end up getting his ass kicked. Meanwhile, the neighbors, Coleman and Gina (terrific performances by Jason Robards and Piper Laurie), are a lifelong, hopelessly-in-love romantic couple. Coleman is into meditation and dreams and channeling energy and all that. Gina thinks he’s a little loopy, but she loves him anyway. Bobby and his crew have had numerous run-ins with Coleman, mostly because the kids always crush his flowers and act like immature idiots. One night, Coleman convinces Gina to try meditating with him in their yard, and Bobby and Lainie come into the picture, both from different directions, and crash into one another. Suddenly, Coleman and Gina are gone, having been transported into the bodies of the unsuspecting teens. As far as the switcheroo storyline goes, this is one of the more superior versions of it, as the characters interact with their counterparts in their dreams. Coleman is desperate to find his way back, while Bobby is sort of enjoying his new suave attitude from Coleman. Lainie is less aware of what is happening and just knows that she feels different and can’t remember how to do her dance routine and begins to take on some of Gina’s attributes. Lainie and Bobby slowly begin to fall in love, likely with a little help from Coleman and Gina, and know that they must change back, though worried if they will still have feelings for each other after the switch. Some sneaking around makes jerkoff Joel suspicious, and harassment and bullying from the school punks, Dumas and company give Bobby a bad case of bloody lip, leading up to the school dance when Bobby is confronted by Joel, who drinks like he’s 40, and hits Lainie. He’s also had enough of Dumas’ crap and pulls a gun on him in an alley. This prompts Bobby/Coleman to slam them all on their stupid petty differences and how short life is.

 This movie, while mostly being a comedy, has some very serious undertones, and practically the best damn soundtrack ever. The story does evoke a sense of nostalgia, as well as making the viewer wonder about their misspent youth, regret, and what is really important in life. We are only young once, and better spend it wisely, as we might always wonder what could have been had we only taken action, or made different choices. Oh yeah, and we can’t forget the most adorable dance scene with Bobby trying to impress Lainie, featuring Feldman smack dab in his Michael Jackson phase. Actually, MJ did help him learn some moves for this film. I own the soundtrack, and its gotten so much action, that it’s damn near scratched now! Dream a Little Dream perfectly exemplifies the enigma of teenagers, complete with the good and bad qualities that are universal. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, Bobby’s wall features a poster of The Lost Boys, which starred both Feldman and Haim in 1987. You will be addicted to this film, as well as the music, as it is not just simply a teen movie – it has heart, and despite being made 23 years ago, the messages about life and youth still resonate today! It is definitely a favorite of mine, one I will never tire of watching!

The fantastic cover of Rock On by Michael Damian features appearances in the music video by Feldman, Haim, and Salenger, as well as numerous clips from the film. Best video ever?! 🙂 

The quintessential 80s film – perfection. I always wanted to be Lainie Diamond when I was little….


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  1. Shawn Talley says:

    Nice post.
    Does this mean a ‘Prayer of the Rollerboys’ write-up is on its way?

  2. I really need to see this. I love 80s teen movies & so far this one has escaped me.
    Nice review.

  3. I never really liked the two Corey’s but they did make some good movies and I was sad to hear that the one lost his battle with drug addiction and passed so early! My favorite movie with the two of them in it will always be “Lost Boys” Good Job Jamie 🙂

  4. Cabeza de Vaca says:

    This film had a surreal and metaphysical impression on me as a young, young child (I was born in 1983). The dream sequences, the pathos, the redemptive innocence and young love and earnest sexuality, the 1980s campy coolness, and of course, the soundtrack—particularly the Otis Redding. And I thought the Jackson dance sequence was so damn cool!!! Ha. It’s all pretty laughable now, but this film along with the Lost Boys, still gives me an indescribable and warm mix of melancholy and sweet nostalgia. Thanks for the post.

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