This seventh movie in the Halloween series is actually meant to be a direct sequel to Halloween II, virtually ignoring parts 4, 5, and 6. I think, honestly, they could’ve left that stuff in, because it would’ve made sense anyway, because Laurie did indeed fake her death according to this sequel (which would correspond with her “being dead” in part 4), though I couldn’t see her leaving her daughter (Jamie). So I guess, leaving out those other sequels is okay, considering this movie is awesome and Jamie Lee Curtis is back! Let’s begin, shall we?

We begin in Langdon, Illinois, over the background music of The Chordettes (fits perfectly), seeing Marion Chambers (Whittington) getting out of her car after work. If you don’t remember, she’s the nurse from the first two films who works with Dr. Loomis. It’s nearly nighttime, and someone has broken into her house. She runs into neighbors Jimmy and Tony, who stay with her, and Jimmy calls the police. Jimmy (the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) decides not to wait for the cops, and goes in to investigate. He brings his hockey stick, and gets startled in the kitchen, and smashes a bunch of stuff. He also steals some beer from her fridge. He notices her office has been ransacked hardcore, and tells her about it. The boys leave, and Marion, sick of waiting as well, goes in. She finds Laurie Strode’s case file empty, and knows something’s up. Her back door swings open, and she runs over to Jimmy’s house. She finds him dead, with his hockey skate rammed into his face, and Tony stabbed in the back. Michael emerges, and she freaks. She almost gets away too, but Michael’s going to finish the job he started 20 years ago. He slits her throat, as she is screaming for the police who just now conveniently show up at her house next door. Michael steals a car and takes off, headed for California, where Laurie is living under an assumed name, Keri Tate, and is the headmistress of a private school. Her son, John (Josh Hartnett…hold me back) is a bit of a smartass, and reminds his mom that it’s Halloween. He knows the story of Michael, and does his best to calm her down and keep her from going into a tailspin, but it’s clear he wants to live his own life. His three friends, Charlie, Sarah, and girlfriend Molly (Michelle Williams), suggest they blow off the camping trip to Yosemite, since Laurie/Keri doesn’t want him to go anyway and Molly can’t afford it, and have a Halloween party of their own at the campus. Laurie/Keri has been dating the school’s counselor, Will (Adam Arkin), and he knows there’s something in her past that she’s keeping quiet. She’s become quite the drinker, and sees mirages of Michael everywhere. John and Charlie sneak off campus with a little help from sweet security guard Ronnie (LL Cool J), and go into town. Charlie steals some wine for their “party” but Laurie/Keri bumps into them and freaks out. She yells at John to not pull shit like this on Halloween, of all days, and he tells her she needs to get over herself. As they head back into campus, Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes comes on the radio, and smirking, Laurie/Keri quickly turns it off. Michael is not far behind, having stolen a woman’s vehicle at a rest stop on the way there. Following the crew back, he now knows where to go. As the buses leave for Yosemite, Laurie/Keri worries that John is not going to be okay. She had finally given in and let him go, but since his friends are sticking around, so is he.

Laurie/Keri bumps into secretary Norma, played by real-life mom Janet Leigh, who tells her she knows she is worried about something and to focus on the day at hand. In an homage to the original, Norma states, “I guess everyone is entitled to one good scare”, to which Laurie/Keri replies, “I’ve had my share”. Norma goes to leave, in a car eerily similar to the car in Psycho…mmmhmm. The kids go off and do their thing, while Laurie/Keri and Will have a quiet night at her house. She agrees to tell him the story of Michael, and who she truly is. He’s amazed, and now realized why she’s so disturbed all the time. Ronnie notices a strange car parked outside, and the phone lines are cut. Laurie/Keri realizes that John didn’t go on the camping trip and sets out to find him. She runs into Ronnie, who tells her of the car. She’s on a mission now! She and Will try to find the kids, while Ronnie goes off to investigate. Meanwhile, Sarah and Charlie have been murdered in the kitchen while getting food and a corkscrew, and John and Molly discover the bodies and run. Michael stabs John in the leg, but he makes it back to the main part of campus, where he runs into his mom and Will. Laurie/Keri and Michael share a long, terrifying glance at one another through the window of a door, creating one of the neatest scenes in Halloween history. They lock the kids in a closet, and she and Will “try to live”. Will shoots Ronnie, thinking it’s Michael, and we all think Ronnie’s dead. Will is killed by Michael in another homage to the scalpel death from Halloween II, and Laurie/Keri runs. She bashes Michael in the head with a fire extinguisher, gets the kids and runs. They all get into her car, but at the gate, she tells them to go on without her. She wants to fight Michael one final time. She goes after him with an axe, and a battle ensues. Eventually, she’s stabbed him and made him fall over a balcony, where she assumes he’s dead. Ronnie is still alive, just being grazed by the bullet, and the cops arrive. Michael is loaded into a body bag in a coroner’s truck, when Laurie/Keri decides it’s just not enough. She steals the van and takes off down the road, crashing the car over a cliff. Michael is pinned between the van and a huge tree limb. She touches Michael’s hand one final time, and looks noticeably upset, when she raises the axe, and cuts his head off. This scene is just magnificent, and serves as a great ending! Laurie just stands there, looking badass, as the screen goes black and the credits roll.

The end of an era. (Fuck Halloween 8!)

I consider this to be the final entry in the series, because Halloween 8 is so fucking stupid and worthless, I will never watch it again. I saw it in theaters, and was so pissed, as a lot of the audience was. Laurie is killed in a mental home? Uhh….I don’t think so! To me, this is the ultimate ending, and always will be. She finished what Michael started, and that’s that. I don’t acknowledge the dumb premise that Laurie/Keri simply cut off a paramedic’s head, who Michael had placed in the body bag. Bullshit! Anything for more money! Can we not just have a good, simple, classic ending?! I swear…to me, this is the iconic ending, and I don’t even recognize the next film as a movie at all. This one was perfect, keeping the feel of the original two films, while updating the music a little. The other segments of music score are clearly taken from Scream (while the kids and Laurie/Keri are running down the stairs to get in the Jeep, the music is the same as when Tatum is fighting off Ghostface in the garage in Scream), but that’s okay, since Kevin Williamson obviously worked on both of these films. The acting is great, and of course, we rejoice in Laurie’s return. Josh Hartnett as John is fabulous (duh!), and Michelle Williams was just getting her feet wet on Dawson’s Creek when this was released (Kevin Williamson also created Dawson’s, what a coincidence!) The film, surprisingly, is okay without Dr. Loomis (well, he’s deceased, so there’s nothing we could do, anyway), but I never understood why they didn’t use Donald Pleasence’s voice on the credits at the beginning. Overall, it’s a great film, definitely in keeping with the original idea, and portraying the characters very well. It ranks up there as one of my favorites of the series.

Reunited……only it doesn’t feel so good to Laurie!


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  1. Fact: LL Cool J makes every film better

  2. So if we’re not getting 8, is this it for Halloween, or are you going to do the Rob Zombie films?

  3. jmount43 says:

    I did reviews of a few of the films in the series. I had to stop because I just felt that they were so inferior to the original product. I haven’t watched this one yet, but I may give it a chance based on your review. Great job!!

    • Thanks! You should give it a chance, just ignore the other sequels 3-6. I mean, it’s Laurie Strode, how can you not? LOL

      • jmount43 says:

        3-6 were crap! LOL. Also, H20 has a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt near the beginning of his career.

      • I don’t think they were CRAP! But go with this is you want more of the original story! LOL 🙂

      • jmount43 says:

        This is sort of off topic, but what things do you take into consideration when you review a movie? What do you to prepare, what do you do during the time you’re watching? I don’t mean to sound like a copycat, I’m just always looking for ways to make my blog and my writing the best it can be.

      • Actually, I don’t really prepare much of anything. With the exception of one of my reviews so far, I had already seen the others enough to just do it right off the top of my head. But for others, and what I consider would be things like the acting, the look and feel of the film, the music/score, how well the plot is developed, how it makes me feel, and if the movie achieves what it set out to do. With respect to horror movies (my personal fave, of course), I also focus on the villain/s, and the kills, and how realistically it is portrayed, if it is meant to be serious. Of course, I know many are meant to be cheesy and unrealistic, so I always take things into context. I appreciate you asking, that means a lot to me! I usually just go with my gut! LOL 😀

  4. The Thorn says:

    Oh, please please please! I want to see you MURDER KILL DESTROY “Halloween 8′!!! :):):)

    • Hahahaha, okay, I MIGHT. But that would require watching it again as I have not seen it in ten years and swore I never would….but I’ll think about it! LOL Appreciate the comment! 🙂

      • The Thorn says:

        Snicker, snicker… there’s nothing better than a Halloween film where Michael is rampaging through a puny, cramped house and yet everyone manages to escape him – AND he disappears all the time. I swear… he must have a random teleporting ability. 😛

        And if LL Cool J can get props for being in the prior one, then Busta Rhymes gets double-props for being bad @$$ who kung fus Michael! HAHAHA! So dumb! 😛

        Personally, as crummy as the film is, I derive some sort of sick twisted pleasure from it. I can’t explain it. I think I need help… 😉

      • Hahahaha, omg, I think you need help, too! Kidding! You’re so right, that movie is so fucking dumb, I am actually considering a review of it now, because of your suggestion! I am going to try really hard not to watch it, and just go from what I remember, which is what pissed me off about it anyway, and I’m for sure not going to buy it. It’s one I won’t even buy, even though I have like, a million DVDs. LL Cool J definitely got props for H20, because he was a nice guy, a realistic character, not some kung fu reality-show asshole. Ughhh….::pukes:: LOL 🙂

      • The Thorn says:

        Hahaha! Looking forward to it.

        Busta Rhymes (in ‘Halloween 8’): Let’s see what you got!

  5. RaoulDukeKD says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the series, as I’ve said before, but I really, really enjoyed this one. Laurie still had a slight air of vulnerability, but in the end, came off as a total fucking badass. That ending is one of the best. Great review!

  6. jmount43 says:

    Thanks for your answer. To be honest, a lot of times I will look at a review like yours and I will see all the comments and think “What am I doing wrong?” I usually average 1-2 comments per post. I am always second-guessing myself and wondering what do I have to offer. I hope that doesn’t sound like a pity party. It’s not. Like I said I just want my blog to be the best it can be.

  7. I Think I Love You

    “We begin in Langdon, Illinois, over the background music of The Chordettes (fits perfectly), seeing Marion Chambers (Whittington) getting out of her car after work. If you don’t remember, she’s the nurse from the first two films who works with Dr. Loomis. It’s nearly nighttime, and someone has broken into her house. She runs into neighbors Jimmy and Tony, who stay with her, and Jimmy calls the police.”

    I have always loved the fact, even worn it as a badge of honor, to know the inside jokes about all the Halloween movies the good and the bad. You are the first one other than me that picked up on Marion Cambers role and the stoic comment she retorts when the boys ask her “Hasn’t anyone ever told you those are bad for your heal? Yeah but they’re all dead?” No one in the theatre understood why I was laughing…

    You’re one hell of a geek even if you are a girl – ooh yuck.. lmao 🙂

    • Hahaha! Thanks so much 😉 Being called a geek is a compliment to me when I know it’s being said out of love! LOL I thought that was hilarious, that part about the cigarette smoking, I so love her sarcastic attitude, I’d have said the same thing! Appreciate the comments so much!! 😀

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