Halloween 5 is likely one of the more divisive sequels in the series, as Michael’s niece has an even more prominent role, surrounding her uncle, of course. But in this one, Michael is the focus of a more supernatural, psychic-like direction, which can throw some people off. Jamie is able to sense her uncle, even though she has become mute after last Halloween, and is able to tell where he is, and what he is about to do. Yet, with all of this, Michael is still stalking and killing teenagers (and those adults that get in his way), and is determined to finish the job with his niece. We are still given the “teenage” sin factor; drinking, sex, partying, as well as Dr. Loomis, who appears to grow more and more bitter and angry with each sequel. Who wouldn’t be? I mean, he’s only tried to stop this guy for the last 26 years he’s known him, and more people continue to fall victim. I suppose we can understand this frustration, even if we’ve never dealt with a seemingly unstoppable force of evil of this magnitude in our own lives, unless you count this year’s Republican nominees, which I do. Okay, on to the flick!

We jump back into the ending scene from the last film, with Michael falling down that mineshaft thingy. He escapes and floats downriver, ending up near this old hermit guy who takes pity on him. Apparently, this sweet old man has taken care of him for the last year (doesn’t he recognize the mask? or wonder why this guy just floated downstream?), and as Halloween approaches, Michael kills him. I hated that part myself, because I hate when older people get killed, especially nice old guys with a parrot for a friend. Anyway, we jump to the Children’s Clinic, where Jamie is having a seizure, sensing Michael’s revival and murder of the old man. She’s really tweaking and the doctors want to give her medicine, but Dr. Loomis jumps in and says she will stabilize, which she does. The next day, Jamie wakes up to see Rachel by her side. Soon, Rachel’s friend, Tina, shows up with her cute dog, Max. Someone throws a brick through the window, with a note attached, stating, “The evil child must die!” Loomis tells Rachel to calm down, but she feels guilty about going with her parents on vacation, leaving Jamie behind at the hospital. Tina and Rachel go back to her parent’s house, chaining Max up outside, while Tina goes to buy Halloween costumes. Rachel takes a shower, debating whether or not to go with her parents or to the party that night at the Tower Farm. Max begins barking and the phone rings. It’s Dr. Loomis, who tells Rachel Jamie’s having visions of her being in danger. Rachel goes downstairs, and the door is open and Max is gone. She goes to the neighbor’s house to call the police, who promptly find nothing out of the ordinary. Rachel, relieved, is also embarrassed when Max comes running down the street, just fine. Loomis knows Jamie is aware of something, but still won’t speak. He is very harsh with her, feeling she’s protecting Myers for some reason. Rachel goes back to getting ready, and she hears a noise. Upon investigating, she finds Jamie’s picture shattered, and Myers appears in the reflection behind her. She is stabbed in the chest, and at the same time, Jamie is aware of it and has another seizure.

Tina meets up with her friend, Sam, and tells her Rachel’s apparently gone to stay with her parents in the country. They plan to have the house to themselves that weekend, and go to meet their boyfriends, Mike and Spitz. Sam has decided to lose her virginity that night with Spitz, and he is able to get Mike some stolen beer from the convenience store where he works. Mike, upon collecting the beer, is killed with a garden tool. Meanwhile, everyone is getting ready for Halloween. Jamie puts on the princess costume that Rachel and Tina brought her, and Billy, who has a hardcore crush on her, gives her a bracelet for good luck. The hospital is putting on a costume ball for all the families. Myers puts on a mask that Tina gave Mike earlier, and goes to pick her up. Thinking it’s her boyfriend, she goes with him, and stop for some cigarettes. Jamie has had a huge panic attack and tells Loomis (she begins speaking here) where Tina is and that she is in danger. The police make it in time, and Michael has vanished. Jamie tells Tina not to go anywhere, but she disregards her warnings, and hitches a ride to the Tower Farm with some cops who are supposed to be keeping an eye on her. After some drinking and dancing, Spitz and Sam go the barn to have sex, and Tina eventually gets worried when they haven’t come back. Everyone else is leaving to go skinny dipping (…it’s October 31st, wouldn’t it be cold?), so she ventures to the barn and finds them dead. Myers pops up in Mike’s car and chases her down to the woods. Jamie and Billy have escaped the hospital and set out to find Tina. They find her, and now Myers is after all of them. After crashing the car into a tree, everyone thinks he’s dead. But of course, he’s not. He is thisclose to getting Jamie, when Tina runs up and sacrifices herself. I actually thought this part was really sad; a lot of people liked it because they found Tina irritating. Loomis finds them in the woods, and convinces Jamie to help him stop Michael. They all go back to the Myers house, to set a trap.

Michael complies and shows up. He kills all the cops on duty, injures Loomis, and chases Jamie all through the house. He nearly gets her, too, when Loomis appears and grabs Jamie. He is trying to lure Michael closer, meanwhile scaring this already traumatized child half to death. Michael is caught in a trap of some kind of netting and chains, and Loomis begins to beat him senseless with a huge board. He’s not dead, but he is arrested, and taken to jail. It is kind of funny and strange to see Myers sitting in a jail cell, but he won’t be there for long. After Jamie states, “He’ll never die”, she is taken outside by a patrolman. Suddenly, a massive explosion rips through the police station. The mysterious and never-really-explained Man in Black from Halloween 4 & 5 has broken Michael out of jail, and killed all the police officers. The film ends with Jamie offscreen, staring into a now-empty jail cell, crying, “No!”

This movie has several aspects that fans found offensive. Number one, no one explains this Man in Black. Not that movies have to explain everything, but this guy has just randomly shown up in scenes from both the fourth and fifth films, apparently on Michael’s side, but with no reason behind it. Breaking Michael out of jail is just one of these confusing parts. I didn’t mind it as much as some others might have, but I did find it a little strange in a Halloween film. I think just seeing Michael in cuffs for a few seconds threw people for a loop. Another complaint is that the Myers house is completely different from in the first two films. Not even close! They didn’t even try to make it appear similar! This continuity error likely riled up a lot of fans. I thought it was ridiculous as well, but I did enjoy the rest of the movie enough to sort of let that go. But to some horror fans, this is an ultimate sacrilege. In the original, it was just a simple, small-town house, but in this one, it appears to be huge and castle-like. Other than this, though, I do love this film. It broke my heart when Rachel was murdered, although I felt they should’ve spent more time on the scene. I like Tina, though most people hate her, and found her to be funny and a good friend. I was sad when she sacrificed herself for Jamie, made especially painful by Danielle Harris’ tremendous screaming and crying skills. I love the 80s music, and the kills, and of course, you gotta respect that Donald Pleasence has still stuck around to bring us Dr. Sam Loomis, no matter how downhill critics feel these films have fallen. My grandma and I always enjoyed watching this one during our horror marathons! 🙂


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  1. theipc says:

    Another good one! I liked this a lot – even though I may be in the minority. The only thing that really bothered me about this was when Myers was in the station handcuffed and – for real – his mask was still on…? Good work : ) You’re almost to Resurrection… are you going to be able to do it?

    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂 I love these movies to death, they’re my favorite series! Definitely not going to review Resurrection, as I do not consider it a movie LOL It’s so horrendous.

  2. The Thorn says:

    You watch these films with your GRANDMA?!!! That’s SO awesome!!! :):):)

    B-t-w, the following line is wicked funny: “I suppose we can understand this frustration, even if we’ve never dealt with a seemingly unstoppable force of evil of this magnitude in our own lives, unless you count this year’s Republican nominees, which I do.”

    Well done! 😉

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