Dear Mr. Gacy is the real life journey into madness by a young college student, obsessed with serial killers and their motives. William Forsythe stars as the sadistic endomorph John Wayne Gacy, and Jesse Moss brilliantly portrays student Jason Moss (last names coincidental). Jason has decided to write his thesis on serial killers, and more specifically John Wayne Gacy, brutal murderer of at least 33 boys and young men in the Chicago area in the 1970s. Gacy is close to being executed when Jason begins his project. He does what many people interested in killers have thought about doing – writing them a letter – but Jason actually hears back. He has pretended to be younger than he is, and unsure of his sexuality and his family life in order to lure Gacy in. Jason sends Gacy partially nude photos of himself to attract him. He wants Gacy to admit to and explain his crimes by gaining his trust and acting vulnerable to his true intentions. He has no idea just what he is getting himself into and to what degree this “school project” will affect his life in every area. Gacy even tries to convince Jason to have sexual relations with his little brother. As time goes on, it is not clear as to who is fooling whom. Waking moments and sleeping moments are now consumed by Gacy and his all-hours phone calls to Jason, and he cannot seem to break free from his grip. It begins to unravel as everything in Jason’s life becomes Gacy and he cannot even recognize himself anymore.

This film is so well-made, and Forsythe is a genius at being Gacy. Though he doesn’t look the part 100%, it really is irrelevant because he has the frightening personality and deadly charm of Gacy, and his intentions that are about as subtle as a brick crashing through a window. The real Jason subsequently wrote a book about his experiences, which I’ve read, and is a very intriguing account of what resulted because of one life-changing decision. Sadly, the real Jason Moss committed suicide in 2006, and it was believed that he never truly got over what it was like to be inside the mind and fixation of someone truly evil. I would absolutely recommend this movie, as well as the book, The Last Victim. It makes one realize how terrifying human beings can really be, and what can happen to you if you are not careful.

The Last Victim; and a photo of the real John Wayne Gacy and Jason Moss. 


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  1. Great Review! I have seen this movie and thought it to be one of the best biography’s about Gacey! I think your review was amazing just dead on yeah, Great job with the composure too. I really liked the review and I am going to recommend your blog on mine because I think you are doing a great job! You have a lot of content for such a new site! I am assuming that it’s new because the archive only shows a couple of months. If there is anything I can help you with just let me know. I have a whole listing of ways to ping to all the search engines that list and promote your blog for free. Thanks again for all your time and comments on my site. It means a great deal to me -witherton

  2. Mike says:

    William Forsythe is brilliant in any film!

  3. kristina says:

    i love the theme of your blog!!!!!

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