As I mentioned in a previous post, I have definitely been consumed by The Hunger Games phenomena. I saw the movie today, and it was absolutely fabulous. It follows the book almost precisely, though it can’t possibly include all details because then the movie would be about four hours. But, with a 2 hour, 22 minute runtime, it was apparently too long for this one dumbass in the movie theater who got up to go to the bathroom three times. Three times!? And I thought I had a small bladder! She also had to push past everyone in the row, which I loathe, and knocked off a lid and straw from a drink! Apparently, my love for the story and the film took precedent over my restroom necessities. Actually, I didn’t even feel the need, because I became so enthralled in the movie. It is filmed beautifully, and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen is outstanding, and could not be more perfect. She was born to be Katniss. Everyone else also fills their roles in magnificent fashion. It’s like they jumped from the pages onto the screen! Sometimes, things just come together and make magic, and this is an example of that.

Unlike most of my other reviews, I am not going to tell you really anything about what happens in the movie. If you’ve read the book, you know, and if not, I strongly implore you to do so. You will surprise yourself. I never thought I would enjoy a book or movie that so many tweens are into. But it’s so not about that. The characters are basically grown-ups. They have had to take care of themselves and their families for years, and are more mature than many people today. I will say, however, that this movie does live up to the hype, and I plan on seeing it again. I only wish they had included a few more details from the book, but of course, I know that it would make the movie very long, even as far as long movies go. They included all essential information, plus more, although I wish they’d have mentioned the story of the Avox girl, and explained the muttations at the end at bit more. But that’s all I’m going to say! GO SEE IT! You will not be disappointed.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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  1. Mr. Darko says:

    Just got back from watching this as well. I on the other hand have never read the books, nor was I really itching to see it. However it was in no way disappointing. The story was, unfortunately predictable, but was still powerful and well done. It leaned enough away from the tween audience to appeal to all and that was what I most feared.

    Overall it was pretty good, and don’t worry there were some idiots in my theatre as well.

  2. jmount43 says:

    You think the moron getting up to go to the bathroom three times was bad? When my wife and I went to see The Woman in Black theses two teenage girls ran, not walked, but ran up and down the stairs at least 6 times during the movie. I could have asked them what the movie was about and they would had no clue.
    I don’t know anything about The Hunger Games. I have never read the books and had no idea of their popularity. However, I was greatly impressed with Jennifer Lawrence in X-men: First Class and therefore intend to check the film out. Great review as always!!

  3. jmount43 says:

    I added your link to my blogroll section. Just wanted to let you know.

  4. GoreGalore says:

    Great article! How’d you do those photos like that? Really cool!

  5. karlails says:

    I’ve got a question. If I haven’t read the book, will I still get the movie, because I’ve read there are some people that are saying they didn’t? Nice teaser review.

    • I think you would! It’s kinda self-explanatory once it gets started! There are definitely more details in the book, but I think they made it easy to follow for everyone! I’d go for it, really!:) Thanks!

  6. The Thorn says:

    I am pretty much ignorant of ‘The Hunger Games’ aside from the comparisons with ‘Battle Royale’, which I have seen and loved. Have you seen it? If so, how do they compare? 🙂

    • Derek says:

      Not to steal AMH’s thunder but I would say that the HUNGER GAMES stands neck and neck with BATTLE ROYALE in terms of how much I enjoyed both films. Granted BR was way more graphic in its depiction of the brutality of the games in while HG was restricted by the need for the film to have a PG-13 rating but even with a lot of the violence intimated instead of shown outright I never felt like I was being cheated or anything.

  7. CriminalMassWorder says:

    I never read the book, but I did see the movie. I loved the movie! and would definitely go see it again. I shall go read the books ( over the summer, exams and papers are coming due ).

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