After the wildly excellent Jason Lives, it is obvious that there will be a sequel. The New Blood emerged in 1988, and has come under both scrutiny and praise for the storyline and Kane Hodder’s first appearance of Jason, respectively. There is no doubt that he is the best Jason out there, with C.J. Graham coming in second from Jason Lives. Kane’s presence rules the screen and despite the fact that not too many people love this movie, they do respect it for that one single aspect. It’s been said that this is Jason meets Carrie, so let’s see…

First, we get an overview of all the previous films, not that we need it. If you’ve made it this far, you pretty much know the deal. But, in all fairness, it’s a pretty cool montage. Then, we see a little girl, Tina, hearing her parents arguing, and then her father hitting her mother. She runs out to the lake and gets in a boat. Her father follows, telling her how sorry he is, and she tells him she wishes he were dead. The dock starts to shake and her father falls in the water, and drowns. Wake up, Tina. She’s now about 16 or 17 years old, and apparently has telekinetic powers and has been in a mental hospital. Her mother takes her out to the old house on Crystal Lake with her psychiatrist, an evil, greedy man named Dr. Crews. Tina doesn’t like him very much, because she thinks he is using her to try to get famous as a result of her powers. She’s right.

Tina has an argument with Dr. Crews, and she runs out to the dock where she basically killed her father. She doesn’t know that Jason is down there as well, and raises him from the murky depths instead of dad. Of course, she thinks it’s a hallucination. She meets Nick, the cute guy vacationing next door with some friends, as well as throwing a birthday party for his cousin. The rest of the bunch are either bitches, assholes, or neutral, but Nick seems genuinely nice, and invites her to the party. His cousin never shows and it turns out he has already been murdered along with his girlfriend on their way there. One bitch at the party, Melissa, is the token slut/wench for this sequel, and she does nothing but make fun of Tina because she wants Nick. It doesn’t help that Tina has a freak attack when she sees Jason in the living room killing Nick’s cousin. Of course, it’s not really happening there, nor does she know it’s his cousin. But that’s one more reason they all think she’s weird. She leaves in a huff, and sees a big spike in the back porch. Still freaking, she tells her mom and doctor. Dr. Crews insists it’s a hallucination, but as we learn later, he has been purposely placing things around and then taking them away to make her think she’s nuts, therefore heightening her emotions to invoke the telekinesis. So much for the Hippocratic oath!

Anyway, everyone starts getting killed, and in some gruesome ways. Seems the more we got into the 1980s, the gorier things got, as well as the numerous instances of nudity. It was less about scare and more about bare. Either way, Nick is concerned for his cousin, and when Tina tells him what she knows, he starts to believe her. Tina discovers the aforementioned spike in Dr. Crews’ desk drawer, as well as news clippings about Jason Voorhees. She now knows who the masked villain is. She takes off, only to see a hallucination of Jason killing her mother in the road. It wasn’t real, but she does get killed eventually. In fact, another reason to hate Dr. Crews – he basically holds Mrs. Shepard in front of himself, allowing Jason to get her while he makes a break for it. He gets his, though. I just can’t imagine such a bastard.

So, Tina explains to Nick what is going on, and reveals her powers, which become invaluable. She learns to harness them and use them to her advantage. That’s good, but it sucks that it took a mass murderer to bring that out. Oh well, what can ya do? She’s still a kick ass heroine. Tina and Nick try to warn bitchy Melissa, but she doesn’t listen, and is killed about two seconds later. Nick is knocked unconscious, and Tina is left alone to fight. She uses her powers to break his mask, revealing a horrific, nasty lookin’ fucker underneath. Damn, that’s some good makeup. She also breaks lightbulbs over his head, and throws him through the floor to the basement, where she sets him on fire. By now, Nick’s awake, and they run out of the house as it explodes. They think it is over, until Jason shows back up. Tina uses all her might to summon her dead father, thinking hey, if I could bring Jason back, why not my dad? He appears, and drags Jason back to his watery grave. Not bad, dad. I think he kind of made up for his past transgressions…

Overall, I honestly think this is a pretty good sequel. Not as good as part six, but still. There’s some relatable characters, some nice kills, a little hip music, Kane Hodder in all his holiness, and considering that Jason has been killed a million times before, a telekinetic teen doesn’t seem too far-fetched.


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  1. The story isn’t the greatest in this one, but Hodder’s performance and the make-up job they did on Jason are superb and cement this and “Jason Lives” as my own personal favorite Friday sequels.

    It’s a damn shame that this one was so butchered by the MPAA

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