After the Final Chapter that wasn’t a final chapter, we were given this film. A New Beginning. Not a terrible flick, but likely the most hated among fans. First of all, we don’t get Corey Feldman to play Tommy, because he was off filming The Goonies, although we do get a short cameo. Second of all, Tommy is basically a mute in this one, which completely contradicts his personality in the prior film. Granted, he just went through a traumatic experience, but if this is supposed to be years later, I can’t imagine he really didn’t talk for that long. Third, and I’m sure most of you know, Jason isn’t even the killer in this one. It’ s guy who has snapped over the murder of his son at a halfway house, so he gets himself a hockey mask, and emulates Voorhees. Here we go…

Tommy Jarvis arrives at a halfway house for disturbed teens, and doesn’t speak at all. The managers are aware of his situation and try to befriend him, but he’s a little frosty. He meets a kid named Reggie, who isn’t a patient, but the grandson of the cook, and he seems to be a pretty nice guy. We get a glimpse into the insanity of this place when the police bring back two patients who were out having sex in a neighbor’s yard. Yeah, yeah. Except this neighbor and her son are out of their fucking mind, complete rednecks who do nothing but curse, ride their little scooter thing, and kill chickens for dinner. It also seems they haven’t bathed since the bicentennial. We also see a rage-aholic who chops up this annoying, special ed kid who was just trying to be friends with him and share his candy bar. In crazy guy’s defense, the guy was annoying and apparently didn’t get the hint. The only characters we really get to know in-depth are Tommy and Reggie, and a little bit of Pam, as well, and most of the others are pretty one-dimensional. That’s one aspect I don’t like. Another would be a string of unnecessary, pointless characters that “Jason” kills, who seem to just appear out of nowhere and get slaughtered (i.e., Lana, Pete, Vinnie). It seems the filmmakers weren’t even trying.

So, inevitably, the characters all start dying one by one, or two by two, what have you. Pam is still trying to reach Tommy, and she invites him along to see Reggie’s older brother, Demon. Demon’s a fun character, who meets his maker after eating one too many enchiladas and having to use the Port-o-Pot. Not a pretty way to go. But very entertaining, regardless! Tommy had a shit attack and ran off after encountering that redneck woman’s ignorant son, so Pam takes Reggie back home, while she goes off to look for him. Two patients, Jake and Robin are up late watching a movie, and he propositions her. She laughs at him, how rude, and he runs off all upset, only to get killed. Robin follows soon after. Upon returning to the house, everyone is gone, you know, the usual premise. Reggie has awakened and discovered the dead bodies strewn throughout the house, and Pam arrives, and they take off running. They encounter Faux-Jason, and make a beeline for the barn.

After a series of struggles, Faux-Jason is knocked out of the balcony of the barn onto some spikes below. The mask has now come off and it is revealed that he was actually Roy, the paramedic whose son was hacked to death at the beginning of the movie. I guess his reasons kind of make sense, but at the end, Pam is talking to a policeman who reveals who Roy really was, and that a picture of the boy was in his wallet. If they didn’t know he was his father til the end, that means he probably didn’t have much contact with his son, leading me to believe he might have been a deadbeat dad. I suppose he made up for it by murdering all the nutty goofballs in the vicinity? Hard to say.

This is definitely a sequel that brings out some vitriol among hardcore fans. It’s not a good film by any stretch of the imagination, but it has its good points, namely some funny kills and characters, including that redneck woman who damn near steals the show. Furthermore, since the killer is not really Jason himself, you could totally skip this one and not miss anything from the series. But if you are a purist like me who has to see an entire series, or just want to laugh, then give it a go!


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  1. jmount43 says:

    I’m a completist to a certain degree. I have all the Jason films. But I still can’t bring myself to get Halloween III. I saw it when it was first released and have hated it ever since. Awesome post!!

  2. Yeah, I’ve Got ALL OF THEM, And There IS A Place In My Heart For PART V, As It Was My INTRO To The Whole Gig.
    But, As Time Has Gone On, It’s Continued To Be My Least Favorite…
    …With PART VIII Running A CLOSE CLOSE 2ND hehehehe

  3. rwhyan says:

    It amazes me how much you remember about all of these movies! Your posts are a great refresher because it’s been forever since I have seen this one haha. Good one!

    • LOL, I know! That’s either a really cool thing, or a crazy thing because it shows that most of my life has been spent watching movies, particularly horror! Some movies I even have pretty well memorized….strange, I know. Thanks so much, hun! 🙂

  4. iamfg says:

    I actually really like this one. It’s a bit hammed up which is kind of fun. The opening scene with Corey Feldman in the graveyard is probably the best start to any of the Friday the 13th films – also “Jason’s” death scene with the harrows from the barn loft is pretty sweet, too. Also, the real name of the actor that played Tina is Debi Sue Vorhees – I like that!

    Nice write up. I rarely comment but I always read your blogs. If you get a chance – reckon you could do a write up on the Phantasm series or The Gate 1 and 2? They have a special place in my heart.

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