As we embark upon the third chapter in the saga of Jason Voorhees and his vengeful stance on pre-marital sex, drugs, drinking, and fun (hey, he sounds like a 2012 Republican candidate!), I would first and foremost like to say, while I do like this movie a lot, it is in no way my favorite. I don’t like the 3D attempt, because, I just don’t like the whole 3D concept, but that’s besides the point, because many copies of this film are not 3D enabled, or with those darn glasses they give you, it does not work anyway. Besides all that jazz, this is a pretty good sequel.

We pick up on the day after the events of Part II, as we see news footage of the incident on the television in the first part of the movie. Well, obviously, Jason got away, because otherwise, why would we be here? We meet our typical first-kills, a couple who run a grocery store, or in other words, a couple of absolute goobers. No real loss. Even though, the bunny rabbit’s cute, as per usual! We then are introduced to this sequel’s crop of horny youngsters, including the proverbial goofball-pain-in-the-ass, Shelley. That’s a guy, by the way. He cries wolf so often that no one actually cares when he really dies later on in the film. But we’ll get to that later.

Chris Higgins, a young girl whose family owns property at Crystal Lake (damn, how big is this lake, anyway?), so she and her friends decide to go on vacation for a while, along with her boyfriend who she appears to have some issues with, and so she can mellow out emotionally. Chris, Andy, Debbie, Shelley, Chili, and Chuck go to pick up a new friend, Vera, and head off. They almost hit some old drunk in the road, who appears to be this sequel’s Crazy Ralph, as Ralph was dispatched during Part II. They don’t seem to know or care that a bunch of kids were just killed right near there the night before. Typical. Shelley is supposed to be hooked up with new girl, Vera, but she just likes him as a friend. They decide to go to the store for some food and run into some angry bikers, who decide to follow them back to the cabin and drain their cars of gasoline. Unbeknownst to them, the usual teenage behaviors begin – flirting, stupidity, sulking off by oneself, swimming, and reminiscing. Rick, Chris’ boyfriend, is kind of a jerkoff who doesn’t understand her and is pissed about his car being destroyed by the angry bikers, so he and Chris take off to talk.

She talks about how she encountered Jason in the woods one time years before, after she and her mother had a fight. Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Debbie and Andy go at it and get killed, Chuck and Chili make some popcorn and bite the dust, and Vera’s eye is violated with an arrow, while Shelley’s throat is cut. Well, little do they know, Rick and Chris are the only ones left. After the typical wondering what is going on, Rick and Chris separate – never a good idea. His skull is crushed with Jason’s bare hands, and Chris becomes even more terrified when she cannot find him. The battle ensues, and after removing Jason’s hockey mask (this sequel marks the first time we see the infamous hockey mask, thank you Shelley), she realizes it’s the same goon that attacked her years ago. She whacks him in the skull with an axe, and he is eventually rendered immobile. So, she takes a page from Alice’s handbook and gets a little canoe and paddles out on the water. The next morning, still groggy and in shock, she sees Jason coming after her, but it is only an illusion….until a very decomposed Mrs. Voorhees grabs her and pulls her in the water. We end the film by seeing Chris having a nervous breakdown in the backseat of a squad car.

All in all, this is a pretty good movie, sticking with that good ol’ 80s slasher feel, and featuring some great kills, as well as the trademark hockey mask. Some people liked the 3D aspect, and some didn’t. For me, I just do not get into 3D. I like my plain old eyes just fine. Besides the fact that Jason’s face looks nothing like it did in the sequel prior despite taking place only a day after those events, it is definitely a classic Jason film. We can always forgive those continuity errors when it comes to our quintessential splatter movies, right?


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28, horror-loving chick, lover of animals, movies, and her boyfriend.

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  1. rwhyan says:

    Oh man, why does 3-D have to even exist in cinema. It is such a money making scheme it’s ridiculous. At least the 3-D is better now then it was back in the day, but still… Anyways, great review! I always enjoyed this one and I have never actually seen the 3-D version of it but I have seen like the old Amityville movies in nasty 3-D and it just looks like someone took a shit on the lens so I can’t imagine this looking much better.

  2. This is my favorite Friday the 13th sequel, mostly because of the bangin’ Eurodisco theme song, and also because I have bad taste.

  3. Shawn Talley says:

    Are you planning on breaking down all the Friday the 13th films? If so, I look forward to your takes on IV, VI, and your thoughts on the “lesser” installments.

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