This is an article I read this evening, though it is not the first like it, nor will it be the last. Please read it if you are so inclined, then I will share my thoughts.

Outrage over suicide of Moroccan teen forced to marry rapist

AFPAFP – 9 hrs ago

A minister in Morocco’s Islamist government on Thursday called for a change to a law allowing a rapist to marry his victim after a 16-year-old teenager forced into such a union committed suicide.

Bassima Hakkaoui, Minister for Women and Families and the only woman in the cabinet, called for a debate to reform the law, in comments to state television channel 2M.

Her predecessor in the post Nouzha Skalli also declared herself shocked by the affair and called for the law to be changed.

Amina al-Filali, 16, drank rat poison last week in Larache, near Tangiers in the north, after being forced to marry the man who raped her.

He had sought to escape prison by invoking an article of the penal code that authorises the rapist to marry to escape prosecution.

This is something to which the families of such victims often agree because the loss of a woman’s virginity outside of marriage is considered a dishonour to her family.

Filali’s funeral took place Sunday in the northern town of Larache.

On Thursday, 300 protesters staged a sit-in outside the local court that had approved the marriage, a demonstration organised by Morocco’s Democratic League for Women’s Rights.

It was the League that publicised Filalai’s suicide as part of its campaign against the law.

On Wednesday the League’s president Fouzia Assouli condemned the relevant article of the law, saying that while it ostensibly defended family values it did not uphold the rights of women.

“The law treats the raped minor like a criminal even if she was the victim of violence,” Skalli told 2M television during an extended programme on the affair.

“We have to reform the criminal code to adapt to the new constitution, which forbids violence against women and ensures the equality of the sexes.”

The affair has also provoked an explosion of outrage in the news media and on the Internet. Activists have set up an online petition calling for the law to be changed, which within hours attracted hundreds of signatures.

Under Moroccan law, rape is punishable by five to 10 years in prison — or between 10 and 20 years if the victim is a minor.


Do we even need to read the article? The headline says it all. Isn’t that sad that we knew exactly what that article was going to say based on one line? This world is getting worse and worse everyday. As much as I hate the way our country is acting towards women as of late, well, it’s always been there just waiting to be revived, I am so thankful to live in the United States. The rant about our so-called Republican “friends” will come at another time. For now, I’d like to focus on the international side of things.

First and foremost, this makes me sick, and so angry. I feel my blood boiling, but I know that being angry sitting here in my living room isn’t going to do anything but give me acid reflux. And who needs that? So, I decided to write about it. Second of all, I was scrolling through the comments section following this article and found that about 98% of people were upset by this and completely in shock. Is it or is it not 2012? Yet, all over the world, women are treated as garbage, less-than, or a piece of ass. Let me tell you, we are none of those things. We are human beings. What makes a man, country, or government believe they can make us feel like this, and thus be treated like this with impunity? I am so sick of hearing stories like this. I guess I am an idealist, and think I might possibly wake up one day, and this shit will all just be a bad dream. But alas, it is much too real.

This poor innocent child was raped. Raped. Let that word soak into your brain. Raped. Meaning, a man took what he felt was his God-given power and forced himself upon her, a child no less, and then, upon being arrested, was released after wishing to marry her to escape punishment. Marry her. Let that sink into your brain, as well. Do those words even belong together? On what planet are we living? I don’t know about you, but my brain cannot comprehend this. There are just no words. Really? It’s a sad fact that women in other countries have been living this way for thousands of years and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Guess what? We are all PEOPLE, and all citizens of this world! I saw a great photo the other day, someone had written on a map of the world, and the statement said, “I don’t see any borders”. Why do we feel we should allow people to do this others, no matter what country they are in? This is not some far off galaxy, although just knowing these atrocities are allowed to continue makes it seems like it more and more these days.

Please know – women are not here to be used, abused, wasted, thrown around, beaten, murdered, driven to suicide, or ravaged as if we are nothing. The fact that some people do not get that astounds me. Another thing that gets me – whenever I read comments about stories like these, people always say, “Those animals, those savages…”. Well, guess what, folks? Animals do not do this to each other, WE DO. No one should be comparing these human atrocities to the actions of animals. PEOPLE kill each other for fun, PEOPLE rape other people because they feel they have a right to. Do not disparage other non-human animals by using this illogical fallacy. This is a human problem, and should be treated as such. This poor girl killed herself rather than be forced to be married to and live with her rapist. Her family was “shamed” by her rape. As if she asked for it. I want to know something. Why is the rapist’s family not made to live in shame? That’s the way it should be.

I just thought I would share this article and some thoughts on the issue, and hopefully raise some awareness. It shouldn’t take these tragedies and injustices to make people realize, we are all one race – THE HUMAN RACE.


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  1. rwhyan says:

    I heard about this yesterday and I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that something like that was even possible. How fucked up of a country can be to allow something like that? It’s a horrific tragedy and we can only hope that this will get the word out and because something needs to change. No one should ever be treated like that.

    • Agreed. Thank you for commenting! This kind of thing happens all the time, among other things, and it is utterly sickening. I am just so sick of seeing these articles….I don’t even have the words, ya know?

  2. If you haven’t already seen this blog, I highly recommend
    He’s really the only way I can keep an eye on the anti-woman goings on of this country without losing my mind and wanting to either kill myself, or someone else.

    I’ll avoid my typical “Religion is the root of all evil” speech, and my other go to “Human beings are fucking savages” because frankly neither really helps matters.

    It seems like common sense that women should be treated as equals, but then I remember that most people are fucking stupid and “Common Sense” isn’t quite as common as it should be, and any faith I may have had in this species has been constantly dashed at nearly every turn, either because of stories like this, or by the people who were defending Chris Brown recently when CM Punk (professional wrestler) pointed out the obvious, that Brown deserves to get a good ass beating for what he did to Rihanna. (If you’re interested in seeing the fall out of the twitter war, just google it. I’m sure the audio clips of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging troglodytes defending Brown will be easily found)

    I feel for the family of this girl, and I sincerely hope that the Moroccan law is changed, though I’d like to point out that signing an online petition is the equivalent of standing on your roof and shouting at the sky, it’s “Slacktavism” and it doesn’t achieve anything. If you want to do something to stop the horrors of the world, write to your elected officials or donate to Amnesty International or other organizations like it.

    • Are you saying I’m a slacktivist? I write about this stuff because I care about it and people need to know about it. I am not sure if that’s what you were saying. Signing online petitions, though I didn’t mention that in my post at all I believe, has done a lot of good for many issues. Other than that, thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it. 🙂

      • I’m sorry if you misunderstood my points, I wasn’t implying you were a “Slacktavist” I was directing that at part of the article, where it says:

        “The affair has also provoked an explosion of outrage in the news media and on the Internet. Activists have set up an online petition calling for the law to be changed, which within hours attracted hundreds of signatures.”

        I see nothing wrong with what you’ve done with posting this article, and frankly your reaction reminds me that there are decent, thoughtful human beings coming up in this cesspool we call a world.

        My comment about about “Slacktavism” has more to do with the way “Online Activism” has become the new “In” thing to do, and what I mean by that is people signing petitions, taking part in that ridiculous “Kony2012” nonsense, and acting as if “Well, If I go off half cocked about this, without taking the time to actually investigate or research what I’m fighting against, and just click ‘Like’ or use the hashtag #WhateverPointlessCrapThisTime It’ll magically change! Hooray Me!”

        I support people who actually, you know, go out and do things to help fight injustices, whether that means actually marching on behalf of Womens/Gay/Etc rights, or donating money to reputable charities, or taking our own time and donating that (as well as our physical being) to helping out in a womens shelter, etc etc.

        I see nothing wrong with bringing awareness to issues that you are passionate about, and I fully support that, my issue comes when a cause becomes the “Hip” thing to support, and sadly “Women’s Rights” aren’t the hip new cause that everyone wants to jump on and support.

        Believe me when I say I whole heartedly support womens rights (being raised by 3 women, being a Feminist myself and being in a relationship with a socially aware young woman have helped not only shape my vision but also made me all too aware of the injustices that prevail, not only here but abroad) and it’s deeply disturbing that in 2012 it seem the general populace is far more worried about whatever vapid bullshit is being spewed from their favorite tabloid/TV than issues that actually matter, you know like the republicans trying to ban birth control, attempting to outlaw abortion, or trying to make it a crime for a doctor to not save the mother in a dangerous birth situation.

        THAT disgusts me, and while I can understand people not wanting to pay attention to these issues (because frankly it’s fucking disgusting that the argument of birth control/abortion is even being entertained, let alone being debated with ‘Religion’ as an excuse) because it’s depressing, and it’s far easier to just sit back and worry about what celebrity is having an affair than it is to realize that the people who run this country, along with the people who WANT to run this country (IE-Presidential candidates) are trying to take rights away from American citizens just because they are women, but then again, these are the same monsters who think that “The Gays” shouldn’t be allowed to marry because their invisible friend in the sky says so!

        To reiterate my point, I applaud what you’ve done with your article, it’s good to see that you are socially aware and I whole heartedly support you. If you took offense to anything I said in my previous comment, or in this one, I apologize, as that was not my intention.

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