• Anyone who has seen Sleepaway Camp would be remiss not to mention the mysterious yet gruesome demise of Judy, the camp bitch. Is this curling iron inserted somewhere we don’t need to see, and is it front….or back? Either way, she has one of the most memorable and suspicious deaths in the series, or in any slasher movie, and all you really need to see is her hand raised in pain and anguish and hear her muffled screams to know something reallllllly bad happened.

  • Billy’s death-by-bees elimination in the original film was not only unique, but totally gross. I hate bugs. Well, not hate, but I don’t want them near me. To think that you cannot escape an angry bee’s wrath, let alone a whole nest full is absolutely creepy. Not to mention while you’re going #2. Can you think of a more embarrassing way to go out?!

  • In the original film, it is not really known whether Artie the Cook dies from his injuries, but I must include him on this list, because of the sheer fact that he was a pedophile, and everyone wants to see them go out like that. The majority of Angela’s victims actually did deserve it, at least in some kind of “eye for an eye” way, and this is no different. She allows us to vicariously take out those who have wronged us in life, and in the most creative ways.

  • Ally’s murder in Sleepaway Camp 2 is definitely one of the most unique. This series has never been one to follow the norm of horror slashers and innovative death scenes are no exception. Dying by way of drowning in a shitty outhouse? The filmmakers take the most inventive route to dispatch Angela’s victims, it almost makes you apprehensive to do anything in daily life. Going to the bathroom, going for a swim, hell, going to camp, period! But, you’ve got to admit, Ally totally deserved this, and the way she went out was definitely equivalent to the way she lived her life.

  • Poor Sean, decapitation doesn’t seem like a fun way to go, but at least Angela made you a star and put you on t.v. in Sleepaway Camp 2! Err…IN T.V., rather. This ordinarily wouldn’t have been a particularly unique death, but since she had fun with his head and mocked it, I had to include it on this list! Freddy Krueger would be proud!

  • Oh, Cindy, Cindy, Cindy. Why were you such a bitch in Sleepaway Camp 3? We were begging Angela to kill your ass, and she did not disappoint. Hate to mess up your lovely face with blunt force, but really, you were asking for it. I actually couldn’t believe she uttered the ‘n’ word, especially to someone’s face, and no one said anything to her about it….at the time. Angela reprimanded her for being a “cheerleader, a fornicator, a drug taker, and a nasty, snotty bigot”, right before releasing the rope and letting her skull hit the ground.

  • Look familiar?! We now get to see him as the Jimmy Dean sausage guy, but Haynes Brooke’s brutal arm removal by Angela in Sleepaway Camp 3 will always stay fresh in our minds. Looks like his horniness really got the better of him. Angela will not tolerate this, no sir!

  • Being in Sleepaway Camp 3 pretty much guarantees you an unusual way of going down for the dirt nap….literally, in this case. Having your head mangled by a lawnmower while you are buried in a pile of trash and dirt does seem almost unfair….almost. Lilly was such a bad counselor, and completely unreasonable, so it is only natural that she bit the big one with a lawnmower, and not even a new, sharp one. A really old-school lawnmower. Ouchies!

About Aloha Mister Hand

28, horror-loving chick, lover of animals, movies, and her boyfriend.

8 responses »

  1. Haven’t seen a Sleepaway Camp movie in AGES
    I may have to watch the first one again soon

  2. Aw, I just saw Sleepaway Camp 2 for the first time Saturday night and I was disappointed that Ally died. 😦 She really should have been first, though, if you went by slasher rules.

  3. rwhyan says:

    I hate bugs like you hate them. As long as they keep their distance, that’s cool. But seriously… fuck bees!

  4. Paragraph Film Reviews says:

    The one kill that always gets me is the chick being impailed THROUGH HER EYE on to a wooden splinter from Zombi (Zombie Flesh Eaters). Just thinking about it makes me sick!

    Awesome list!

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