As we know, these days, as well as in the past, every semi-successful horror movie has typically spawned a sequel. Or two. Or ten. Here is a list of my favorites. I’d love to know what you think! 🙂

  •  A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – The first film is great, we all know that. But this sequel is my absolute favorite in the Freddy series. This movie has it all – cool effects, likeable characters, past characters coming back, a unique setting, gnarly deaths, great one-liners, and a follow-up to the back story of our favorite burned villain. Not to mention, excellent music from 80s group, Dokken, who even made the music video for the song “Dream Warriors” with Robert Englund and Patricia Arquette. How can anyone not like this movie?

  • Scream 3 – Many people felt that this was the weakest sequel in the, at the time, trilogy of Scream films. I don’t see why, but my tastes have never really matched up 100% to the general consensus. To me, this was a great movie. We got to see Randy one last time on tape, develop a further back story to Sidney’s mother, Maureen, cameos from Lance Henriksen and Carrie Fisher, unique kills, ongoing flirtation from Dewey and Gale, and a great rock soundtrack. It really kept up with the times without being too forced or trying too hard. Plus, who didn’t love the rivalry between Gale and Jennifer?

  • The Devil’s Rejects – Some people really don’t see this as a sequel, but technically it is. It is also, by far, better than its predecessor. More guts and gore, more vulgarity and perversion, more brutality as well as comedy, plus likely the most amazing horror soundtrack ever. Are we sensing a pattern here? Music seems to be a big factor as to whether or not a movie is worthwhile. And it’s true, isn’t it? Music that is familiar to us, or not familiar but we grow to like it, is a huge influence on what movies are attractive to us. Perhaps because it is like an old friend, a soundtrack to our own lives. The Firefly family is like a whacked-out, murderous version of our own families – loyal, devoted, and yes, a little loony. But we love them, don’t we?

  • Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid – Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. Really? But yes, I quite enjoy this enormously reptilian cheese-fest. It does have a good story, well, about as good a story as you can get with this kind of movie. It also has a really cute little monkey, as well as some relatively big stars – Kadee Strickland, Morris Chestnut, and Eugene Byrd. I’ve always liked Eugene Byrd, and although this movie is not brilliant, there are some really cool scenes, as well as backstabbing within the crew that makes for some cheering on of the anaconda. Come on, at least it’s entertaining!

  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 – Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking here too. But this movie does have some redeeming qualities. I have a theory; it’s because I liked the idea of the original film much better than its actual execution on film. That said, in my head, the Blair Witch Project was much more. So, this sequel, I feel was a brilliant commentary on the American obsession, and blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Many of us do this thing, jumping on the bandwagon, and that is what the kids in this movie did. They wanted to be a part of the Blair Witch story so badly, that by the time the movie was over, the viewer didn’t know what they had seen, the characters didn’t know what they’d seen, and we are left with the ramifications of taking things too far and what can happen when we don’t separate fact from fiction.

  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives – Along with Elm Street’s Dream Warriors, I have found that this sequel is among the favorites in the family of 1980s slashers. Once again, we get some kick ass music, including some from Alice Cooper. I feel Thom Matthews really embodied the role of Tommy Jarvis, whereas John Shepard in A New Beginning just reminded me of a guy about to go on a killing spree of his own. It has comedy, gore, scares, and likeable characters. I think after the debacle that Part 5 caused, they had to create something new, something fresh, and of course, a plausible way to bring Jason back. Lightning, duh! And this one actually has campers in it! Imagine, a summer camp with little kids, what an idea! This movie is just enjoyable, 80s fun, and as sequels go, you probably can’t do much better.

  • Halloween II – This is another of my favorite sequels, and yes, I am talking about the 1981 film. I have always wondered in horror films why they hardly ever show the aftermath of a killing rampage. This one does. We continue along on the same night, with Loomis chasing Myers through Haddonfield. We even get to see the famed Ben Tramer, well, sort of. I loved the idea of the town reeling from the night’s events, like the girl, Alice hearing the sirens coming down the street, Sheriff Brackett’s reaction to his daughter’s murder,  and the news broadcasts live at the hospital. The premise of focusing on the broken silence of a night in small town America, along with the revelation of Laurie being Michael’s sister, didn’t seem forced, it seemed natural. We usually do not get to see the epilogue of a mass murder in horror movies, and this provided us that. I loved it, and I’m not sure why some people didn’t.

  • Halloween: H20 – This was intended to be a direct sequel to Halloween 2 from 1981, ignoring the rest of the sequels, and even if you ignore a few minor details of those sequels, you could see it as continuing from part six also. We are not in Haddonfield anymore, Toto, but California, at a private school where all the students are hotties. Here’s the thing – they can actually act! Jamie Lee is back as Laurie, playing a great neurotic still fighting the demons of that night 20 years earlier. This is definitely a sequel that lives up to the original, as it was toted during television advertisements. I saw this twice at the theater, and was duly  impressed. They kept the same aura of suspense that existed back in 1978, with a bit of the teenage 1990s comedy thrown in for good measure. See, Hollywood? You can make a good sequel that appeals to youngsters and hardcore fans! Take note!

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  1. rwhyan says:

    You’re totally right, music plays a huge roll in these movies and I would agree with Devils Rejects having one of the best. Zombie knows how to put together a soundtrack, thats for sure. On my list of favorite sequels I’d have to put Aliens, Evil Dead 2, and Dawn of the Dead.

  2. Blair Hoyle says:

    Thank you! Jason Lives gets no love, but it’s so awesome.

  3. luckshotpro says:

    I’ll always be partial to Final Destination 2. I like how they expanded on the story without sacrificing what made it fun 🙂

  4. luckshotpro says:

    Also Army of Darkness, Day of the Dead, and 28 Weeks Later were good.

  5. Shawn Talley says:

    Love that you included Jason Lives!
    Like rwhyan, I’d throw Evil Dead II and Romero’s Dawn of the Dead in, and Phantasm II as well.

  6. ericisaacs says:

    Good stuff – I thought I was the only person in the world that liked Blair Witch 2- nice! I just wrote about (rec) 2 yesterday – that thing was kick-ass.

  7. MartinJ says:

    Scream 3 is for me by far the worst out of the four. Too much comedy, dislikeable side characters, and we know none of the main characters are going to die. I thought the new characters in 4 were far more interesting (I don’t think you’re just reading into it, the vapidity and reliance on technology was intended subtext). I don’t see how their motivation was any more ridiculous than the previous killers.

    • Well, Roman’s motivation was that he and Sid’s mother abandoned him but chose her, and while Mickey wanted to be famous, and Stu was a goofball, they were part of teams. Mrs. Loomis at least was avenging her son, and Billy felt betrayed by his father having an affair with Sid’s mom. In the fourth one, they just wanted to be famous, to “become” Sidney. To me, that’s just not exciting. I’m glad you liked it, I just thought it fell flat.

  8. Dream Warriors, Devils Rejects, Halloween 2, Halloween H20 and Jason Lives are all Fantastic/good sequels.

    Blair Witch 2 was a mind bogglingly stupid sequel that made no sense at all and made me want to gouge my eyes out after watching it.

    Scream 3 is just……not very good. It’s still the weakest entry in the series, coming off the excellent Scream 2, 3 just feels like their scraping by at trying to keep the story coherent, and in truth, the big twist of who the killer is completely defies logic and rightfully killed the franchise. Scream 4 wasn’t perfect, but it was a better sequel than 3, and I payed to see 2 and 3 in the theater when they came out.

    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂 I still don’t see how everyone thinks Scream 3 is weak….lol! Appreciate the feedback!

      • It’s been a looooong time since I watched Scream 3 but lets see what I can remember that bothered me about it:

        The Twist-we went from logical, even plausible killers to a major “Days of our Lives” twist that is so painfully stupid it ruins the movie

        I seem to vaguely recall the death scenes not being that great either, and the over all story just not being very good, but the twist ending is really the worst offense the movie commits.

      • Haha, damn, I actually loved the ending and thought Roman was a great killer and it brought the story full circle. I like 3 way better than 2 or 4….I know everyone thinks that’s weird!

      • 2’s ending made more sense and while 4 was admittedly a bit of stretch, at least it made some sense. Roman was so out of the blue that when I saw it in the theater (being a huge Scream fan at the time, and at the age of 14) I was left with a sense of “What the fuck? Seriously?”

        If you can’t get a 14 year old who loves the franchise to buy into your ending (I was obsessed at the time with the series) it’s a bad ending. I haven’t watched the film in years, as I said, but I did watch 2 not too long ago and it still held up pretty well, and despite 4 not being perfect (and quite frankly, unnecessary) it was at least watchable and the twist at least made sense from a societal stand point

      • Well, I loved Scream 3 at the theaters, I was 11 and saw it three times 🙂 I don’t see how 4 made sense but 3 didn’t…The killers in 4 are so forced and predictable and their motives are pointless. At least the other killers stood for something, albeit extreme and excessive. I love all the films for the simple fact they are Scream films, but I have my preferences. I too am and was obsessed with the series and me and my best friend would watch Scream on VHS everyday after school and eat ice cream….those were the days…LOL 🙂

      • Roman’s “Our Mom was a Whore/I’m your half brother” whatever the fuck excuse was stretching the limits of “Who Wants to Kill Sydney Prescott” beyond reasonable limits of believability. Billy’s Mother/Random dude in 2 made sense because at least Billy’s mom had a reason to want to kill Sydney.

        I’m not saying her cousin in 4 has a perfect reasoning (and honestly, having it be her cousin was another “Seriously? Seriously……” moment, but the justification that “I want to be famous” makes sense. Take into consideration that “Fame” used to come from being a star athlete/musician/actor-IE Talent=Fame, where as now, all you need to become famous is to get yourself on a reality show and act like the biggest asshole OR be the center of a major event, like the woodsboro murders would be in real life. Let’s face it, our culture went from “The Best and the Brightest” to “The Loudest and the Dumbest” and because pop culture has become a constant cycle of “Reality” shows, it’s not so far fetched to believe a teenager who grows up in/around said culture (especially one who’s related to a ‘Famous’ person, albeit famous for surviving 3 massacres) wouldn’t decide that the quickest and best way to get famous themselves, is to insert themselves into a similar situation. Clearly there are other factors involved (such as said teenager being BATSHIT CRAZY) but it’s a logical progression that makes some sense.

      • Ahh, I’m sorry, I cannot buy that 3 is not logical and 4 is…I totally, 100% respect your opinion, but I gotta disagree. The social commentary was spot on, but I think it’s crap to say that all teens and young adults are like that, and I feel like that is kind of what the movie was saying…I dislike this whole fame whore society we live in, it’s disheartening. I guess that’s why, to me, Jill’s reasoning doesn’t make sense. Why was it not reasonable for her to have a half-brother, but yet a crazy ass cousin that we never saw in Woodsboro before, being that that’s the town from the first film and the fourth. I just don’t get it. I know you said you found that part hard to believe, too, I just don’t see the logical progression or justification you spoke of. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you rock! 🙂

      • Oops I was 13, my bad, I was confusing the years of 2 and 3. But the rest of my post was correct…whoops. 🙂

  9. If my comment came across as implying that every teen/young adult would take up Jill’s same path, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. I simply meant that it made sense (granted were talking about a Scream movie having social commentary so take that for what you will) but my issue with the Roman reveal was it felt……forced. I wasn’t ever fond of the whole “Sydney’s Mom is a whore” storyline that kept getting dragged out further and further as the movies went along, it was unnecessary and Roman’s justification for wanting to kill his half-sister didn’t ring true for me. I get that he was neglected but a major killing spree? Really?

    Billy snapping sort of makes sense, it was said throughout the second film (and implied in the first) that he was a mommas boy, and so when his mother skipped town, it caused a major psychological break in him (I blame this on the 90’s and the need to over analyze why a killer does what they do, where as in Halloween, Micheal just kills because….well he can.)

    Ms.Loomis’s reason for killing is also justified, Sydney killed her child, so she wants revenge (I always took most of the deaths in Scream 2 as being Mickey’s doing, except for Randy) and Syd is her main target, where as Mickey is just a lunatic who (like Jill) knows fame comes post massacre, in the trial.

    As I said, I haven’t seen Scream 3 in years and so I’m really shakey on most of the plot points, but I Roman being neglected/abandoned as a baby doesn’t really justify the massive killing spree he goes on just to get to Sydney. I’m not saying I need a complete psychological breakdown of a characters psyche/explanation of why they’re going on a killing spree, but as I remember it, Roman’s issue was “I was left here, and you got a nice life, Waaaaah” which creatively seems like Kevin Williamson was just running out of steam, and that’s really the impression I took away from Scream 3, Williamson was just running out of steam creatively for the franchise and the studio wanted a third movie so he gave it to them.

    I enjoyed Scream 4 more than 3 because after 10 years way from the franchise (and I would assume working on other projects) Williamson had a new vision, and while Scream 4 was far from perfect (and let’s be honest, were debating two rather unnecessary sequels in a franchise that didn’t need to go beyond part 2) it felt like it had a fresher angle to it.

    Honestly if the franchise had ended with Scream 2 I would have been happy, as the events of 3 and 4 don’t really add anything to the “Universe” of Scream. Dimension clearly wanted to make a dime (See-Halloween Resurrection, Hellraiser 4/6/7/8/9,Halloween 6, any other franchise they own) and they didn’t care about quality because as they saw it “Scream = $$$” and it’s part of the reason (I believe at least) that there’s such a strong backlash against the Scream franchise amongst horror fans.

    That and horror fans just enjoy bitching about everything (Like the “Saw” franchise) and once they find something to attack, they will.

    • Okay,if you get that Roman was neglected and went on a killing spree even though you disagree with his rationale, how is that any different from Jill? She was NOT neglected, just a jealous brat, and a wannabe. I see where you’re coming from, just disagree. That just doesn’t make sense to me, like part 3 didn’t for you! LOL! And if I recall, Ehren Kruger wrote Scream 3, not Williamson. Williamson wrote the original Scream main characters, but Kruger wrote the plotline.

  10. Dream Warriors is the best Nightmare sequel period. It’s the only one I’ve seen multiple times, aside from the original (and I own all of them, except that terrible remake)

  11. Awesome to see you included ‘Halloween II’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ on this list, two films that people complain about but are actually pretty good. My one complaint with ‘Halloween II’ is that the film is eager to explain the boogieman. He’s creepier when we know less about him and why he is doing what he is doing. Still, I have to say that as a double feature, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Halloween II’ compliment each other quite nicely.

    I will defend ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ until the day I die. I loved how extreme that movie was and it was actually pretty creative. It was an excellent tribute to the days of trashy double bills at your local drive-in (I actually have one of the retro print double-sided posters for the film, one that was designed to look like it was from the 1970’s) . And Zombie’s use of Midnight Rider is the definition of perfect.


    • Thanks a lot! I absolutely agree, the Devil’s Rejects is thoroughly awesome, and yes, while the original Halloween II isn’t perfect, it still deserves more credit than it gets! 🙂

  12. Nightmare 3 rocks!!!

  13. Gary Lee says:

    The “Scream” franchise jumped the shark at the end of part 2, and never recovered. I honestly loved Scream 2 up until the finale, but I still liked the film overall; but I thought part 3 & 4 were both garbage!

    Halloween 2 one of the best sequels ever – but really was not a sequel, but more like a continuation of part one.

    Friday part 6 was my favorite of the series; i used to watch it over and over when I was a kid. Here’s my contribution to the entry:

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