• In the original Halloween, likely the greatest horror movie ever, the kill that stood out to me the most was that of Lynda. She was cute, bubbly, spunky, and completely oblivious to the guy in the white sheet not being her boyfriend. What got me, was that she was calling Laurie at the same time, and Laurie had to hear her friend dying. This would be a horrifying experience, and though Laurie thinks it’s a joke at first, she becomes frightened when she hears no LOL from the other side and sees the lights go off across the street. When Michael grabs the phone receiver and then we switch back to Laurie’s confused facial expression, there is nothing better.

  • Karen’s toasty death in Halloween II in a too-hot therapy pool no doubt conjures up the similar foreboding of Camp Crystal Lake – don’t have sex at camp, or at work in this case. If you think it’s a bad idea, it probably is. That’s a really bad look for you, Karen dear.

  • In Halloween 4, how badass was it to see Michael Myers jab his entire thumb into this doctor’s forehead? Not possible, but still gnarly as ever. It was a double-whammy when Michael rips open nice-guy-redneck Earl’s throat while trying to drive Jamie and Rachel to safety. It was a shame, because he was such a good guy, but Michael always has the final say.

  • Halloween 5 gave us the gruesome death of Michael, not that one, this one. Tina’s jerkoff boyfriend bites the big one after convincing his friend to steal beer from the convenience store where he works. Though we don’t really see any gore, it still kind of makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

  • Another double-dose of awesome deaths comes from Halloween 6. The death of Jamie, while sad in and of itself, was not as effective because they did not want to pay Danielle Harris enough to take the role on again. So by doing that, and getting some unknown chick to file the spot, we do not care as much as we would have with Harris. Getting your guts shredded on some farming equipment is definitely twisted. My second favorite death in this sequel is that of John Strode, the real bastard in the house. Seeing how he treats his wife, kids, and grandson, it does make me kind of gleeful to see him be electrocuted to the point where his head explodes. Sometimes, Michael gets it really right.

  • Halloween H20 is definitely a worthy sequel with some awesome kill shots, but the best would have to be Jimmy’s, with his beloved iceskate rammed into his skull. Never mind that it was cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and that the murder appeared offscreen – the shot of him rocking in the rocking chair with his skull sliced up sure made for a great opening sequence. RIP Jimmy the Skater Boy!

These are only some of my favorites, as the Halloween series is probably my favorite. Which of Michael’s kills is your favorite?


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28, horror-loving chick, lover of animals, movies, and her boyfriend.

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  1. ericisaacs says:

    Good one – I would have to give it some thought but it always creeped me out when he would give someone the business and cock his head and stare. The Halloween franchise is my favorite, for sure. If you ever had time, over on my blog I have my thoughts on the entire run of them – it would be cool to get your thoughts. It’s a long read though. Good job again!

  2. rwhyan says:

    I have a soft spot for the ice skate kill which is beyond epic. Being a hockey player, I’m glad we have helmets lol. Poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. BTW, I had no idea that was him… very awesome. Great post.

  3. HorrorBore says:

    The kill from Halloween 4 (Thumb through the “3rd eye”), as impossible as it is, just made me love Michael Myers even more. It gave him a super human feel that they needed to keep this series going.

  4. Shawn Talley says:

    I dig this series of “[inset horror icon]’s Best Kills”
    A fun trip down memory lane. Nice job.

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