While Jason Voorhees is the main focal point of the series, there are a few extra killers that deserve mention (namely Mama Voorhees and Roy, the Anti-Jason from A New Beginning).

  • Could I really get away without mentioning the post-coitus murder of a lovely young Kevin Bacon from down below? Up til now, most the of the scenes had been relatively tame, but with an arrow in the neck for our boy here, Friday the 13th definitely earned its place in the slasher genre!

  • Who could forget this classic kill from Part 2? Yet another reason not to have frivolous sex at camp? I’m thinkin’ so! Killing two birds with one stone? Check!

  • As I mentioned in my review of Part 2, this slasher showed us that at camp, no one is safe, not even the poor guy who has no defense!

  • With Jimmy’s desperation to get some, and his horrendous dancing ability, it was a guarantee that this guy was not going to get through Crystal Lake alive! Machete chop to the face and corkscrew to the hand of Crispin Glover? This one is definitely his Final Chapter!

  •  I just cannot resist mentioning Demon (and his enchilada troubles) from A New Beginning getting dispatched in the shitter. How classic is that? Not to mention, if we really have to use an outhouse, won’t this scene be playing in our head? The real Jason would be proud.

  • Friday the 13th : Jason Lives definitely deserves a quadruple-mention. Not just because it is my personal fave, but because it had some gnarly ass death scenes! First, we have the triple decapitation of some nerdy executive paintball players in the woods. Next, adorable, dorky Cort has a hunting knife rammed through his skull in his girlfriend’s RV while driving. Then, Sissy’s head is ripped off with Jason’s bare hands. Finally, Sheriff Garris has his spine broken as he is bent in half in the woods. That just makes my back hurt every time I see it. Perfect.

  • The New Blood also deserves a multiple-mention. We get to see Kane Hodder’s favorite kill – the sleeping bag bash. Sweet. I mention Dr. Crews and Melissa’s deaths for a simple reason: they were fucking assholes.

  • As for part eight, Jason Takes Manhattan, the best kill by far is that of Julius. You actually root for him, and think he might actually be able to stand up to Jason, especially after surviving the cold waters of the ocean. But alas, no. Julius is punched once by Jason and his head is popped off like a cork from a wine bottle. Ouch.

These are only a few of the many great kill scenes in the Friday the 13th series, what are some of your favorites?


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  1. rwhyan says:

    Lol Jason has killed so many people its ridiculous. He easily has the highest kill count so you have plenty to choose from! I’m surprised you could recall so many. My fav is the Kevin Bacon one lol. The arrow piercing through his neck from under the bed is a classic. Very nice!

    • Haha, I know, it’s crazy! I love those movies so much, it’s insane. You’re right, I do believe he has the highest body count! Talk about being productive…lol 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

      • rwhyan says:

        Lol, productive is about as perfect as you can put it. I think Myers in the Halloween franchise is the only other person who comes close to as many kills as Vorhees but even then, I don’t think he has nearly as many creative kills.

      • Haha, yeah true, I love the Halloween series, its probably my favorite, I’ll be doing that one next!:) Michael is more quiet and calm than Jason, but he gets his job done too LOL

      • rwhyan says:

        Nice! I need to be refreshed on my Halloween kills, and you are right about Myers being the silent killer which is scary in itself. Two completely different styles but I wouldn’t want either of them chasing me with a knife. The Hellraiser franchise has some ridonculous kills too! There are too many!

  2. My fave kills – when that girl gets shot through the eye while going for a dip. Talk about precise shooting!

    Another one is from Jason X when he freezes that woman’s head. The franchise might have got stupid at this point (as they all did) but the kills are still creative

  3. Oh man, this makes me want to watch all of these movies right now…Classic.

  4. HorrorBore says:

    Friday the 13th: Jason goes to Manhattan….a lot of the time…actually every time a movie series reaches the 8th sequel you can tell they are really stretching for ideas. This one they quit reaching and just guessed. Plus….how did the boat the kids were on get from Crystal Lake or to the ocean 😛 lol

  5. matts1970 says:

    My all time fave kill is Andy doing a handstand in Part 3…Machete slicing your body in half at the nut zone….major ouchage ! Shudder

    • kieran says:

      freddy is amazing in mortal combat i love that game so much and if anyone has a ps3 give me your psn names and i will add use

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