•  Freddy’s first kill is, of course, iconic. Tina’s dream prediction came true, as Freddy got to her while sleeping next to her boyfriend and cut her to shreds. Poor Tina, but this memorable kill gave us a taste of what was to come in the franchise.

  • The murder of Nancy’s boyfriend, Glen Lantz, was another memorable scene in the original film. Because no one wanted to see cutie Johnny Depp die, even before he was famous, this bloody mess may not be a happy scene to watch, but it sure made us remember!

  • Phillip’s marionette-esque murder from Dream Warriors made our veins hurt, and was definitely unique. It was also amazing that a juvenile psychiatric ward would not have locked doors between the rooms and the upstairs balconies…hmmm…..maybe should have thought about that?

  • Lovely, scarred-up Jennifer only wanted to be in television, and she sure got her wish in Dream Warriors. This is also where we get to hear Freddy’s snarky line, “Welcome to prime time, bitch!” Even if you aren’t a fan of the series, you are sure to at least remember that phrase.

  • Sheila’s asthmatic demise in Dream Master was very unique, and really, kinda sad. She seemed like such a sweet character, and a loyal friend. But Freddy never had much trouble killing relatively innocent people. This probably made anyone with breathing problems reach for their inhaler immediately.

  • Deb’s gruesome transformation into a much-hated cockroach in Dream Master definitely gave me the creeps. Mostly because I hate bugs. Ugh. Talk about making your antennas stand on end. The work out queen suffered her fate in a yucky roach motel.

  • Greta’s “I-ate-so-much-I-could-explode” death in The Dream Child certainly made everyone feeling bloated and fat that day cringe. Much like the modern thriller Seven, Freddy takes overeating to a whole new level. Anyone hungry?

  • In Spencer’s stoner-turned-video-game dream in Freddy’s Dead, death does not come easy. If anyone ever wondered how those video game characters can take so much shit and still be alive, well, this just proves that video games are not real. Darn. It’s hard to watch Breckin Meyer getting his ass thumped by Super Freddy, but it was a pretty gnarly death indeed!

This is just a short list of my favorite deaths that take place on Elm Street. What are some of yours??


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  1. rwhyan says:

    This was great. Freddy is probably my all time favorite villain even though the films following the original aren’t the greatest, he’s so much fun to watch. I love that he can haunt your dreams and essentially do anything he wants, which is what makes him such an awesome villain. My favorite kill was the Depp one by far, totally ridiculous which is exactly how I like my death scenes! Great post, you should do more like these. 🙂

    • Haha, thanks, I will! Brutal death scenes are great, but the unique, quirky ones like Freddy uses are too!:)

      • rwhyan says:

        Plus Freddy will randomly dress like a nurse, classic! That was one of the reasons why I hated the remake so much, it lacked all of the uniqueness that the original films had, it didn’t even try.

  2. Can’t beat the waterbed scene in NOES4.
    I always had a dislike for waterbeds – after seeing that scene I now know why

  3. 3guys1movie says:

    Loving your best kills posts. I have a vintage Freddy Doll in my office on a high shelf that Jr. Keeps wanting to play with. Enjoyed checking out your blog.

  4. HorrorBore says:

    I love that you included MY favorite kill from any movie ever! The video game kill! But…that’s just the geek in me coming out lol,

  5. Ethan Parkin says:

    What about the scene in the first film, where Heather Langenkamp’s mum get’s killed, (the first time she gets killed; by the bed). That is one of the most beautiful death’s I’ve ever see.

  6. kieran says:

    this movie freddy is so cool he picks people up with the force kind of thing i like when he says your in my world now bitch its just cool then jason cuts his arms of and freddy takes the piss and says oh no then throws him about after cutting his arms off

  7. kieran says:

    freddy is amazing in mortal combat i love that game so much and if anyone has a ps3 give me your psn names and i will add use

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