Our lovely Angela is back! This time, she travels to a ‘caring and sharing’ weekend that brings together poor kids and rich kids. There are already so many stereotypes here, but that’s okay. It’s just a movie. Anyhoo, Angela uses a trash truck to run down some inner-city chick who is walking to the bus stop to go to the camp. She assumes her name and disguise, and attempts to become Maria Nicostro. Camp New Horizons is being coordinated by Herman and Lilly Miranda, a strange middle-aged couple. Lilly seems oblivious and selfish, and Herman seems like a lecherous pervert. Well, seems like is a bit vague, more like, he is a lecherous pervert.

Well, Angela (“Maria”) arrives at camp, and they are all interviewed by a local newscaster. This newscaster subsequently asks Angela for some “coke”. So, of course, our dear friend Angela mixes up some Comet cleanser for her to sniff. One down! A bunch more to go! Our chosen good girl for this movie is Marcia, a rich girl from Ohio. She mentions that one of the inner-city guys, Tony, is cute, and the proverbial bitch, Cindy, shows her racism by stating, “Uh, he’s Mexican”. We know Angela will not like that! The film exposes even more stereotypes in the mess hall during orientation. They are split up into groups, with two rich kids and two inner-city kids each, plus a counselor. Herman and Lilly are two of them, and the third? Well, that just happens to be Officer Barney Whitmore! That would be Sean’s dad from the previous film. Uh-oh….showdown.

The three groups are Herman, Jan, Angela (“Maria”), Snowboy, and Peter; Lilly, Bobby, Arab, Riff, and Cindy; and Officer Whitmore, Tony, Marcia, Greg, and Anita. They venture off into their own campsites to bond and whatever. Herman sends Angela’s group to go fishing, but Jan doesn’t want to, so they just start to get it on instead. Remember, this is a middle-aged man, and presumably a seventeen year old girl. Yuck.  Anyway, Angela discovers this and kills them both. Three down! She tells Snowboy and Peter they just went back to the main campground. They go to sleep, where she kills them too. She bashes Snowboy in the head, and puts firecrackers up Peter’s nose, and boom-time. She then puts all the victims in one tent, sets it on fire, and roasts some marshmallows. All in a day’s work.

Angela proceeds to the second group, and says that Herman told her to switch. Lilly thinks her husband is just an idiot, and goes along with it. She takes Arab back to the campground and hacks her in her neck, and ventures back to her new group. Bobby seems infatuated with Angela and her “underprivileged” status. Riffs plays rap music all day and all night, Lilly is lazy, and Cindy is such a fucking goody-goody. They share a few things about each other, then Miranda has everyone play a trust game, ya know, leading your partner around while they’re blind-folded. That can’t be good. Angela takes this opportunity to ask Cindy three questions, of which she answers incorrectly (Are you a cheerleader? Yes. Are you a virgin? No! Do you take drugs? Doesn’t everybody?). Strike three for Angela. She takes her to the flagpole, still blindfolded and hooks her to it, and hoists her up. This is, I’m sure everyone agrees, one of the best, if not the best, murder scene in this sequel. She is lifted all the way to the top, and then….dropped. Cracked open skull; Angela’s really stepping up her game!

She then tells Lilly that Cindy had a headache and they should go to the main camp to check on her. She is then led back, blindfolded, to the main camp, and pushed into a hole used for burying trash. Angela buries her up to her neck, and proceeds to run over her head with a lawnmower. More fun and games! She then kills Bobby, the boy who wants to have sex with her, by tying him up to a tree, with him thinking she’s kinky, and tying that rope to the Jeep and ripping his arms off. She then kills Riff with tent stakes in his hands and head. One more group down. She travels to the third group, where Tony and Marcia have developed a relationship, and pulls the same act. Barney doesn’t buy it, and takes Marcia and Angela to the main camp where she said Lilly was. They find Lilly dead, and Marcia runs for it. Barney now knows who Angela is, and she confronts him, and kills him with a gun. She chases Marcia down and keeps her hostage, and returns to the group, and coerces them to come back to the main camp. They are all tied up and told to find Marcia or she’ll kill them.

They find her, but the two kids Angela feels are “kinda boring” are killed with axes. She basically lets Marcia and Tony go, and tries to leave. Marcia runs after her, in shock after her ordeal, and stabs her with a knife. Tony stops her, and the police and paramedics arrive. Angela is put in the ambulance, and Tony and Marcia are resting in the police car. The paramedics know who she is and discuss killing her and that no one would find out since she’s already injured. So Angela grabs a needle and stabs the policeman and paramedic in the eye and the chest. The driver yells out, “What’s going on back there?” to which Angela calmly replies, “Just takin’ care of business….”.

I am glad they chose to continue with Pamela Springsteen, since the series would not have been viewed very well if two actresses were changed instead of just the initial one. Of course, this is a great sequel in terms of 1980s slasher films, and has some excellent death scenes, and quotes. I liked that they kept the back story from the previous movie, using Sean’s dad to elicit sympathy, and you almost hope he succeeds in his vengeance. He doesn’t, but that’s okay, too. It’s a horror film, after all! I enjoyed this movie a lot, and thought it fit well with the prior film, and also, with the first one. Although the actresses are different from the original and the sequels, and the filming style is also different, they at least keep the same story, which does not always happen in film series.


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  1. rwhyan says:

    Nice! Never saw this one but the deaths sound pretty fantastic, especially the firecracker one. Great post.

    • Ah, you gotta see it! How have you seen the others and not this one? *lol* Thanks for your comment! The death scenes are always fun to look forward to; ya never know what they’re gonna come up with next!

      • rwhyan says:

        No problem. Im not totally sure why I missed it. I probably just assumed it wasn’t very good considering it’s the third one in the series! But you sold me on this, I’ll definitely check it out when I get the chance.

      • Haha, great! It’s cheesy, of course, but we like that kind of thing, right? lol 🙂

      • rwhyan says:

        Hell yes, the cheesier the better if you ask me. There needs to be more of them!

      • Amen! So true! But a lot of movies today try that, and fail. They act stupid on purpose. The cheesy movies were really trying to act well, which makes the cheesiness come off as genuine, lol 🙂

      • rwhyan says:

        Yea for sure, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that those movies were so perfect for the 80’s and the people who try to make them nowadays don’t have the right mind set. That is why I was so surprised by Hatchet, Adam Green nailed the 80’s slasher vibe. It is almost as if it had been sitting on a shelf for 30 years and someone just discovered it.

      • I see, that’s cool, I’ll have to get around to seeing that one. Exactly, they had to have the mindset of the generation, and the majority these days have lost that. What’s your next post gonna be about? 🙂

      • rwhyan says:

        You know, I’m not totally sure on what I’m posting next. I am currently trying to figure that out right now! I’ll definitely have something up tomorrow but whether it is good or not entirely depends on how lazy I end up getting 😀

      • Hahaha, that’s all good! I’m sure it will be fine, don’t be too hard on yourself! I really like reading your blogs!

      • rwhyan says:

        Haha, thanks a lot! I’m glad someone does!

      • No problem! lol, you’re silly, you know other people like your stuff too!

      • rwhyan says:

        I hope so! So what are you writing next? Any ideas?

      • Hmm, I’m not sure either, but whatever it is, I will likely start on it tonight or in the morning. Something horror though!:)

      • rwhyan says:

        Awesome, good luck! I’ll be checking back for it!

      • Thanks, you too! I’ll be brainstorming…lol!

  2. This was for the longest time the weakest entry in the franchise (in my opinon) and then I saw “Return to Sleepaway Camp” and I came running back to “Sleepaway Camp 3” with open arms.

    The story isn’t as good as “Unhappy Campers”, and the re-shot flashback scenes feel so awkward and out of place, not to mention the heavily cut death scenes (especially considering what they got away with in part 2) but it’s not a terrible sequel all things considered.

    Damn it, now I need to go back and watch this series again.

  3. theipc says:

    Hey you – I had read about “sleep away camp: the survivor” but had never seen a copy of it but today I noticed amazon on demand had it for rent but I couldn’t remember my password. Have you seen it?

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