Finally, an instance when saying the word, “campy” is not only accurate, but 100% appropriate. Camp Rolling Hills welcomes Angela as a counselor who is, much like in the first film, obsessed with children and teenagers acting right, doing good, and not being a drug taker, pervert, or fornicator. She emerges after having been released from custody and being “completely cured” of her psychosis. Uhh, apparently not. She begins the film by dispatching Phoebe, whose only “crime” was talking back and hanging out with the boys at a campfire telling scary stories. She proceeds to bash her in the head and cut her tongue out. Well, why not? She was a bad camper, right…?

After every murder, she tells the head counselors, T.C. and Uncle John, that they were acting inappropriately and had to be “sent home”. I guess, in a way, she was kind of telling the truth. By now, it is obvious that unlike in the first film, Angela speaks and is really outgoing. Besides this, she is now portrayed by the effervescent Pamela Springsteen (Bruce’s sister), instead of the delightfully devilish Felissa Rose. Some fans like this, some do not. I happen to like both. Anyway, everyone at camp hates Angela, except a young girl named Molly, who sees others making fun of her and attempts to befriend her. She confides in her about boys and peer pressure and becomes the target of the camp slut, Ally (there’s one in every movie). Ally is manipulative, rude, and promiscuous, so of course, Angela cannot wait til she has an excuse to kill her. It does not help that the boy Ally wants is only interested in Molly.

Angela is named Counselor of the Week, spurring even more hatred. One classic scene is Angela singing the ever-catchy, “Happy Camper Song”, which will get stuck in your head, I guarantee it. I think we can all agree that the most memorable, and desired, death scene comes when Angela finally confronts Ally,the uber-bitch. She is lured up to the abandoned cabin in the woods, where Angela keeps her dead, and is stabbed in the back, and shoved down into the old, disgusting outhouse, where she is drowned and covered in leeches. Fun! But a fitting death for such a bad camper! I think we all enjoy that scene because, no matter how extreme, it allows karma to be enacted on those who do us wrong in life.We all are aware of that feeling, are we not?

After a slew of colorful characters are murdered (the one who tattles, the one who talks too much, the Shit Sisters, the ones who play pranks, the ones who take dirty pictures, and the one who flashes the boys) in equally colorful ways, there are really only a few integral people left.T.C. and Uncle John, upon learning of her sending everyone “home”, fire her. By now, it is only Molly and Angela left in their cabin. Molly knows Angela’s hiding spot now, and goes to comfort her about her recent unemployment status. Molly’s beau, Sean, goes with her, and unknowingly enters the cabin of horrors. Well, damn, now Angela has to tie up her two young campers. Sean realizes who she is, and after revealing that she has had surgery, therapy, shock treatments, and numerous other medical procedures, Sean tells her his dad helped arrest her years earlier at Camp Arawak. So, she now has to cut his head off in front of Molly! With Sean decapitated, she knows her luck is likely going to run out and must make a dash for it. Angela is knocked out by Molly, but soon gives chase on a long trek through the woods. All said and done, Molly ends up on the road and flags down a driver. The driver, who killed a woman to get her vehicle, is Angela! Molly’s face turns to sheer horror….and the movie ends!

This one is definitely a guilty pleasure from the glorious 1980s. All movies along this same vein have a similar look, feel, story, and characters, yet somehow, they all seem innocent and genuine in their approach. With corny jokes and one-liners (“Keep your morals strong, and you’ll never go wrong!”), these movies will forever be in the hearts of those who discovered them at an early age and respected them for what they were and the generation they were created in. It allows those of us who did not get to experience the 80’s to live vicariously through it, albeit with a crazy, moral-driven serial killer who was once a boy, but is now a woman. Sounds nuts, right? But we horror fans get it, understand it, and feel it. We are nostalgic for these old slasher films and will no doubt continue to watch them for years to come. Movies don’t have to be Oscar-worthy for us to enjoy them. Especially horror films – they allow us to act out our primitive and violent urges through the screen, take sides and root for either the killer or the victim, and enjoy the ride!

Did anyone else notice that all the characters are named after 80s stars? (Molly, Rob, Ally, Emilio, Charlie, Mare, Brooke, Lea, Demi, Judd, Anthony) Me thinks this is awesome, by the way 🙂


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  1. rwhyan says:

    Awesome! Great post for a great movie. I did not realize the names, I agree that is pretty awesome. Love the old slasher films it was such a great time for horror. Have u seen Hatchet? It’s the perfect throw back to the 80s slasher films. They even got Kane Hodder to play Victor Crowley.

  2. HorrorBore says:

    Great post! I absolutely love these kind of movies! Nothing will ever beat the old style slasher movies.

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