Picking up where House of 1,000 Corpses left off, we are introduced again to the sadistic, twisted, loving Firefly family. The police are about to raid their home, and while a few a killed, and their mother is arrested, Baby and Otis escape. In order to get an escape car, Baby plays like she is hurt and gets a sympathetic woman to stop her vehicle. Bad idea. She is killed, and they are on the move.

They are attempting to contact their father, one Captain Spaulding, for help. He tells them he will meet them at a motel. Before their father’s arrival, however, the duo wants to have some fun. They hold two couples hostage in the motel room and subject them to humiliation and torture.While Otis takes the two men on an errand, Baby is left behind to guard the women. She continues to humiliate and degrade them, and when one of them attempts to run, she is killed. The other tries to escape out the bathroom window. She eventually escapes the motel, only to be knocked out by the now-arriving Captain Spaulding. The two men have been brutally murdered by Otis after digging up some buried weapons. The woman who escaped accidentally runs in the road and is hit by a truck and brutally smeared all over the highway. She was wearing her boyfriend’s freshly severed face while running frantically, and apparently didn’t see that fatal truck.

Sheriff Wydell, the brother of the police officer killed in the first film, is still on their case and is doing everything he can, legal and illegal, to find and destroy them. He dispatches two buddies who are not exactly law-abiding, to seek them out and see what they can find. The family makes their way to Spaulding’s brother’s whorehouse, where they proceed to party and have a good time. While they are having a jolly good time, Wydell kills their mother in a holding cell, and swears vengeance for his brother. The two Wydell hired to track down the Rejects locates them, with some help of Spaulding’s brother and Sheriff Wydell, getting their party on. Several prostitutes are killed in the process, and the three are kidnapped and returned to their own home, where Wydell has something planned for them. He proceeds to nail their hands, staple victims’ photos to their bodies with staple guns, and shocks them with a cattle prod.

Wydell takes Baby outside, and Tiny comes to her defense, killing the sheriff. He then goes back into the house, which the sheriff set on fire, to rescue Otis and Captain Spaulding. They all take off, bleeding and in pain, in Charlie’s car, as Tiny walks back into the burning house….It is now morning, and upon discovering the sheriff’s murder, the other policemen have set up a roadblock where the Rejects have no chance of escape. They decide to go out in a hail of bullets, cursing and shooting at the police as they do it. The film ends as the trio drive towards the barricade and end up succumbing to the bullets, as the classic tune, “Free Bird” plays in the background.

This film is another one of my favorites, because of the wanton violence and grindhouse, 1970s feel. Rob Zombie, although I was not a gigantic fan of House of 1,000 Corpses, had really outdone himself with this one. Referencing Elvis, Charles Manson, Mark Twain, and Groucho Marx, this movie mixes humor and gore, sex and torture, sheer lunacy with self-realization. There are actually some awfully funny scenes in The Devil’s Rejects, which adds to its intention campiness and really makes the viewer feel they are at a drive-in some 40 years ago. While brutal and intense, it definitely stands up to its critics with a big middle finger, and knows that the cult following this movie has will withstand. The true fans get it. And we love it.

Oh yeah,and this movie has probably the best soundtrack ever. 😉


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  1. Eric Isaacs says:

    Good job – I like it – I feel the exact same way – “Corpses” didn’t really do anything for me and this did – ESPECIALLY the Midnight Rider “opening”.

  2. rwhyan says:

    Hell ya, the sound track is pretty awesome. And you got it spot on about the grind-house feel it has. A lot of people give Rob Zombie shit as a director but I actually thinks he’s pretty good, he nails it when it comes to brutality. I prefer this film over his others. His new movie The Lords of Salem is in post right now, so it shouldn’t be much longer before we get another gritty horror flick.

    • Thanks for the reply! Yeah, the soundtrack is amazing. I think music helps make a movie what it is. I also believes he nails it, and knows what people want to see. Very awesome that he’s doing a new movie! Know when it comes out??

      • rwhyan says:

        No problem! As far as a release, I’m not totally sure but since it is already in post-production I would assume this year at some point. The sooner the better!

      • *lol* That’s great, its been awhile since he’s done anything in the theaters. 🙂

      • rwhyan says:

        I know! He’s been really quiet. Side note: Have you ever seen Grindhouse, that Tarantino and Rodriguez did in 2006? Rob Zombie had an amazing fake trailer in between the movies called “Werewolf Woman of the SS” with Nic Cage. Absolutely hilarious.

      • Haha, of course, Grindhouse was fantastic! I didn’t get up to pee the whole time at the theater 🙂 lmao! Classic…

      • rwhyan says:

        I worked at a movie theater at the time it released and me and a couple of friends did a special screening of it for our own selfish needs lol. Hands down the best theater experience of my life.

      • Hahaha, that is hilarious, I would have done the same thing!!

  3. Alex Roy says:

    Terrific review! One of my favorite films. I find Rob Zombie to be a very underrated talent in the genre. Terry Reid’s song”Seed of Memory” that plays over the end credits is perfect.

    • Thanks a lot! Def. one of my faves. Gosh, all three of the Terry Reid songs they use are perfect! It’s like the sound of a mindset of a generation that I didn’t have the privilege of getting to live in. 🙂

  4. karlails says:

    I totally agree, House of the 1000 Corpses was kinda mediocre, but this one was great, definitely Zombie’s best work. And I can’t hear Free Bird now, without thinking about the ending.

  5. HorrorBore says:

    You just tapped into one of my all time favorite movies! It is very rare for a sequel to be better than the original or even come ANYWHERE close to the original. When it comes to movies, I think Rob Zombie is a genius! But that is just my opinion.

  6. Ryan McNeely says:

    I was a bit underwhelmed by CORPSES but this just blew me away. And you’re right, the soundtrack is amazing. Did you know Terry Reid was approached by Jimmy Page to sing in the band that eventually became Led Zeppelin? Makes you wonder what might have been…

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