It must take a real man to be able to call a woman a slut and a prostitute. What a guy! Mr. Limbaugh, something has been bugging me about you, besides the obvious. Why do you feel the need to, while spewing your hateful rhetoric over the airwaves, have a video of said spewing at the same time? Is it that your ego needs to be stroked that badly? Or maybe something else? Well, much like the Grinch, I wouldn’t touch that with a 39 and a half-foot pole, but it just seems a curious matter. It’s not enough that people have to hear you speak, you must grace us with your presence with a visual aid, as well?

You are an absolute bigot, sexist creature, who, by the way, does not even understand biology. Do you think the more sex a woman has, the more pills she needs? IT ISN’T HEARTBURN, MR. LIMBAUGH! You should know that! Did you miss 5th grade biology? If a woman doesn’t get pregnant in the first place, she won’t need to have one of those abortions you all seem to hate so much. Yet, when poor babies are born, fuck ’em, right? You do not want to help them or their families with welfare or food stamps because they are lazy, entitled, or any other adjective you want to throw in there? Even I, an absolute horrid student of math and science, understand how MY body works, because it is mine. NOT YOURS or any of your other Republican friends.Not to mention, which you righteous Conservatives seem to not get, women use birth control for other medical reasons besides contraception. Is this really 2012? Why do you feel the need to attack women? I am assuming you are not a virgin, so who do you think you have sex with? It’s a woman! A woman who has most likely used birth control that insurance has at least partially, if not wholly, paid for! Why don’t you just grow your own vagina in a jar so you do not have to deal with us women who are attached to them? You are a racist, sexist jerk who does not even deserve to have a job if all you are going to do is spit hateful language at people while you sit behind your big, thick microphone. Penis envy, much? Get a fucking life, and stay out of everyone else’s.

Oh, yeah, and study up on your biology. Okay? Thanks.


About Aloha Mister Hand

28, horror-loving chick, lover of animals, movies, and her boyfriend.

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  1. dawn0834 says:

    Well spoken

  2. rwhyan says:

    Lol that was pretty awesome, I laughed quite a bit. If people like him could grow vaginas in a jar I think it would solve a lot of problems.

  3. It’s really unfortunate the majority of individuals who make laws regulating a woman’s body do not have the fainest idea A) How that body works B) How to pleasure that body 3) How to respect that body and 4) How to label a diagram of a vagina.

    Nice rant, I appreciated it very much 🙂

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