The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007) is yet another “found-footage” film, that is meant as a faux-documentary. (I swear I’m not doing reviews on those movies only, it just seems that most movies these days have tapped the “found-footage” well.) The story surrounds the elusive serial killer known as the Water Street Butcher, an evil, sadistic predator who seems to lurk in plain sight. He kills indiscriminately; children, women, men, even Girl Scouts. The thing is – he records his murders on a hand-held camera, giving the movie that gritty, torture-movie look. And it is creepy in some scenes, and especially some of the things he says.

Apparently, the killer has gotten away, but as the police search, they uncover hundreds of videotapes, thus the title of the movie. The “creator”of this “faux documentary” interviews ‘police’, ‘professors’, and ‘FBI agents’ about the sadistic killer, the tapes, and his victims. Those terms are in quotes, because it really is like a movie within a movie, or life imitating art imitating life. Something like that. This killer is very unique as opposed to your typical slasher movie killer. He wears incredibly scary masks, tells his victims to call him Master, and even kidnaps one girl and keeps her for years and when she escapes, she has Stockholm Syndrome and is in love with him. If you think about it, it is actually really sad. Not that this is a great movie, but it is absolutely unique and honestly, sort of scary at times. You really never know what is coming. A really creepy scene? The killer goes to the front door of one of his victims with his camera, and basically admits to doing it, and as the victim’s mother realizes it, he laughs and walks away. Okay, so it does not sound scary, but the way he talks really reminds you of how sick and twisted the world can really be.

This is probably the scariest part of the film. 

I really liked this film, but it is currently not available on DVD, and no one really knows why. So to see it, you’ll have to find it on a website or download it somewhere. It was directed by the Dowdles, of the Devil and Quarantine fame. I hope they do release this someday, as it is a very compelling story, albeit a little cheesy, but no one will doubt that it is one of the most different films that is out there. I really liked it.


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  1. rwhyan says:

    Damn, another post! You are starting to make me look bad! I really hate when movies like these don’t get releases right away, totally unfair to the filmmakers and actors in it. You are right though, I’m sure people can find it on the internet considering it is the internet. Found Footage movies are definitely getting over done, kind of like the whole 3D thing exploded. It is undeniable tho that there is something about found footage that presents an almost “real” experience. If you haven’t seen [REC] you should check it out, easily one of the best in it’s class. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks! Haha, oh come on, I am not making you look bad! *lol* Yeah, idk why they are not releasing it, it’s five years old! It says on Wikipedia, of course not the most reliable, that as of 2012, it doesn’t look like it will ever be released! Beats me. It’s really stupid, I mean, why make a movie if no one gets to see it? Isn’t that the point? Weird…I do like the found footage idea, but some of them are pretty dumb. I believe I saw [REC] but I am not quite sure! Ha, obviously it made an impact if I did! 😉

  3. This was hands down one of the most disappointing “Hyped” films I’ve ever seen. There seemed to be so much positive buzz about this movie, about how “Dark” and “Disturbing” it was, but when I finally LEGALLY DOWNLOADED a copy to watch, there was one moment that gave me a glimmer of hope that this would in fact live up to it’s hype, but story wise the film fell flat for me. The direction and cinematography and overall style of the film was good, but the story was just so…..blah.

    And quite honestly, they shot themselves in the foot when they have multiple characters on screen at the beginning of the film talking about how horrible the footage they found is……..and then nothing……absolutely nothing I haven’t seen before most generic horror films.

    Honestly, I’d wager that the reason this isn’t on DVD is because it’s over-hyped and the director may genuinely not want everyone to realize it’s not that good, OR, because he’s since directed the remake of “Quarantine” and the recentish film “Devil”, maybe he thinks it could negatively effect his public perception.

  4. karlails says:

    Sounds really interesting, definitely will check out.
    Nice review!

  5. Tysoncarter says:

    Nice review – thought I was maybe the only person who saw the film 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Haha, nope, I love this movie as well! So underrated, and honestly, one of the only movies to ever give me the complete chills. You know the scene, the creepy walk? AHH! 🙂

      • Tysoncarter says:

        Yeah…..I tried covering the walk in my review but talking about it does not give it justice. Creepy as hell. If only they had tweaked a few things with the film it could of been given a proper release and we would of likely had a sequel by now. Would love to know more about the killer 🙂

      • I know, right? It definitely does not do it justice! It’s just….awesome! Did you see that I put an animated GIF of it on my review? It’s quite slow, but it gives an idea at least! I know what you mean about a proper release, I think it’s ridiculous! I’m not sure a sequel could top the first, but it would be pretty neat! It’s a really intense film that is not easily matched, in my opinion 🙂

      • Tysoncarter says:

        Yeah I was jealous of the GIF. I want it! I had to settle for embedding trailers in mine! We need an invisible spoiler area to discuss certain bits…… many questions left unanswered……..thats really why I would love a sequel to try and explain some, like the missing tapes for example, but I doubt we will ever know. 🙂

  6. Riachu says:

    I watched the movie and it gave me the creeps read into it and found that a lot of the things said towards the end were truth her body did get stolen and she had a note to her master not released tho. the belief of what the 27 missing tapes were either he forgot the mask (that I want to find before this Halloween) or maybe like they say gave up to many hints to who this person is. It’s really disturbing to see a killer who found more joy out of emotionally killing someone as well as killing many. The pure fear that must have been in there hearts during the last few seconds of their lives, would have probably killed anyone’s hope for a rescue or that some how they would be set free. His attack on both the physical as well as mental state. Is only something that till now I thought only was a E.A.Poe characteristic.
    Over all a good film kinda wondered if I was the only one that noticed the change in colors during the “tapes” that looked like a windows movie maker effect. Great review 🙂 one thing I thought he let the girl scouts go? Maybe not but JW

  7. Gavin G says:

    I don’t want to sound like a troll or anything but I’m pretty sure she was gone for eight years not four.

  8. Gavin G says:

    By the way that was great review. I personally thought the movie was a bit slow until it got to all the serial killer stuff. I have to agree about that scary ass part when he walks on all fours. It was one of the best moments in the movie. lol

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