As I begin to write about A Serbian Film, you might find it strange that I am a girl and I have seen this. Well, me too. But, I am not a prude nor will I ever be; I know when something is fake; and I love film. In my mind, if a movie is banned, its likely I’ll want to see it. Some have said this is the most brutal film they have ever seen. It is pretty horrendous, but to me, Cannibal Holocaust is worse because some aspects of that film were real. As I have stated before, I think most of these movies do have a point, lesson, or commentary behind them, it’s just that it takes a stronger stomach to see that. I admit – I am a little weird. Stuff doesn’t bother me like it does a lot of people I know. But I know, and like to believe, that most movies that people hate or are disgusted by, usually have some kind of deeper meaning that a softer movie would not have been able to portray. I try to think there is a reason for everything. Alright, on to the film.

A Serbian Film, is indeed, a Serbian film, and I won’t pretend to know how to pronounce any of the actor’s names. Anyway, Milos is a retired, aging porn star whose glory days are long gone. He has a wife and son, and needs money. His old porn co-star introduces him to this guy, Vukmir, who is interested in hiring Milos to play in his new “art” pornographic film. Already, we should be suspect. But, the guy needs money to live, and Vukmir offers him an exorbitant amount to be its star. So, he signs the contract, and agrees.

They begin filming at an old orphanage/school – already very odd. But he goes along with it. It begins to get very sadistic and brutal and he questions being in it at all. But he needs money. I’m telling ya – money is the root of all sadism, apparently. Anyway, after questioning what is going on, the director tries to convince him that everything is fine. Eventually, he wants out. Like, completely out. Well, they are not going to let their huge star get away so fast, and the true motives emerge. Vukmir, unbeknownst to Milos, drugs him with bull Viagra and shows him a video of a infant being raped. I know, I know, sickkkk shit. But they do not actually show anything up close.

So, after leaving, he meets Vukmir’s nurse friend on the street and cannot help but want to…ya know. He then wakes up….three days later, with no memory. He travels back to where they have been filming, and discovers videotapes. More found footage, people! So, he watches them, and is so horrified, he vomits. Apparently, he has cut a woman’s head off while raping her. He also witnesses some other people on the tapes doing awful things. He attempts to contact his family and his brother, but the phones aren’t working. Back to filming location now, he is subsequently injected with more Viagra, and well, he does some really bad stuff to two people whose heads are covered with a blanket. I wonder who they are? If you have not seen it, you may not want to, but I do not want to give everything away. Especially the ending.

The filmmakers have said that it is a commentary on the censorship and “molestation by the Serbian government”. It is one of the most interesting films, I have to say, but not one that you’d watch on a Sunday afternoon with some popcorn. No, sir. Most definitely not. But it is a unique experience, and since I do not believe in censorship, it is a movie worthy of viewing…..just not multiple times.

Questions left after viewing or lessons learned?

  • Is that thing real?! Y’all know what I’m talking about.
  • Always read contracts before signing them. Please? I don’t know if the details of the “art film” were established in the contract, but damnit, Milos never read it!!!
  • Where did they get the children to act in this movie? Just wondering.
  • Stay away from bull Viagra. I mean, really? Very sick and inventive!
  • Sick ass movies usually have a kick-butt soundtrack!

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28, horror-loving chick, lover of animals, movies, and her boyfriend.

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  1. rwhyan says:

    Wow yeah that sounds pretty intense. What a horrible situation to find yourself in! Lol and you are right, it definitely does not sound like a popcorn kind of movie. This is another one I’ll be checking out!

  2. Don’t believe the hype about women not watching horrific horror movies! There are plenty of us who do. Like what you like.

  3. adamcard says:

    This film was highly sadistic and retains almost no redeeming socail value, but I loved it. definitly one of the top 5 most graphic films i have ever seen.

    • lol i just commented on your post too! I think it does have redeeming qualities actually, about what sick shit really goes on, and the message about government censorship and dictatorship. it challenged all of that and slaps it upside the head. definitely brutal, but a powerful film nonetheless. 🙂

  4. I don’t find it strange that you like A Serbian Film. A former Flixster friend of mine (who is female) was a great admirer of the film, and her movie review made me develop an even greater appreciation of the movie. I wouldn’t call her a gorehound though, because if a gory movie has no substance, she dislikes the film. BUT I can’t recall an instance of her saying a movie was “too violent” for to stomach, so that was awesome. As for me, I (usually) don’t demand that a gory film has substance. But if it does, that just makes me enjoy the movie even more. Anyway, it is true that as far as fans of A Serbian Film are concerned, there will be a greater ratio of men to women, as you mentioned.

    I did write a review of A Serbian Film a while ago, and I’ll get it reposted on my blog in a few months or so. (I’m posting all of my old movie reviews in the order I wrote them).

    The first time I saw A Serbian Film, my mind was exploding. I would say it is one of the best movies ever made (but I don’t expect many people would agree with me).

    If you ignore the real-life animal violence in Cannibal Holocaust, I think I would say that A Serbian Film tops Cannibal Holocaust in terms of violence and sadism. Although, I would kinda say that Cannibal Holocaust revels in the deaths of the documentary crew – but A Serbian Film seems to have the view that everything the pornstar is experiencing is horrific and appalling (including the part when he gets revenge).

    I’m also glad you mentioned the soundtrack. It not only sounded awesome, it suited the movie perfectly.

  5. cigarrete burns says:

    I have actually been seeing this movie on all kinds of most violent lists or what not…but it is damn hard to find in this country short of buying it. Still I am very intrigued so i’ll keep looking…great post

    • Thanks a lot! Yeah, it’s a crazy film! Do you live in the U.S.? I just watched it online, but I’m planning on buying it eventually. It’s definitely unique. Appreciate the comment!:)

      • cigarrete burns says:

        Ur welcome, oh hey found it!! Um yeah so, please disregard last statement “…but it is damn hard to find…” seems that common sense likes to elude me from time to time

  6. cigarrete burns says:

    WOW…That is one sick, F**ked up movie. Yeah I agree this movie is full of social commentaries, and your right about it not being as sick as Cannibal Holocaust, but it comes pretty damn close in my opinion

    • Haha, I know, right? It’s crazy! It’s like…I dunno! Scary cuz I’m sure that stuff really happens, especially in countries we don’t know a lot about. It was also really depressing, but I think it’s sooo brilliant. 🙂

  7. This movie hurt to watch. I really appreciated the first two thirds of the movie, but the final act just killed me.

    Also, I think the US has a cut version of the film available; I can assure you that there’s a version out there where you *do* see closeups of the scene with the baby…*shudders*

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I’ve seen the uncut version, I honestly don’t think it was that bad. Maybe I’m desensitized, I don’t know. The baby was clearly fake, almost laughingly fake, and I think they did that on purpose for a little relief for the viewers. I found the final act to be incredibly powerful, especially when Milos kicks ass, and the very end at his home. It was so pitiful….it’s rare to have a character you dislike for what he’s done, but so much sympathy for because he didn’t do it on purpose.

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