Another film that is near and dear to my heart is 1983’s Sleepaway Camp. I remember back in, probably 1998, I used to go to Video World (are there any still out there, i miss you!), and rent 5 movies for $5.95! It was a nearly weekly ritual on Fridays, and I likely rented all the horror VHS’ that were there. I used to go to my grandma’s and stay over, because hey, she’s my grandma, and she loved movies too. I was, like, 11 years old, and we watched Sleepaway Camp. We laughed at the funny parts, didn’t really get scared, cuz hey, we’re gangster like that, and actually, really liked it. I kept thinking, how have I not seen this or heard of this before? Are you kidding me? It’s fucking genius. Who would have expected it? The ending, arguably one of the greatest scenes in horror, is brilliant and slaps you in the face (omg, pardon the pun, that was unintentional, but I’m leaving it cuz it’s funny).

This film tells the story of two young cousins, Angela and Ricky, getting ready to go to summer camp, and upon their arrival, mysterious deaths begin to occur. It is a guessing game of who the killer is, and your suspicions, upon first viewing, shift from one person to another. Angela starts to like a boy at camp, Ricky’s old pal, Paul, making Judy, Angela’s bunkmate and camp slut, very jealous. Naturally. Numerous teenage camp shenanigans ensue, such as a game of Capture the Flag, and Mind Over Matter, as well as a lot of baseball, and by the end of the film, you are left wondering what is going on at this camp?! The end makes sense, leaves virtually no stone unturned, and flips the typical horror film on its head. It is a terrific ending, and one that people are not likely to ever forget.

The slapstick comedy in this film is fantastic, with numerous quotable one-liners and curse words (namely from ‘Ricky’). Furthermore, the inventive and creative murders definitely give us a breath of fresh air in a decade of numerous slashings and predictable gore. The storyline itself is new and refreshing and makes it more psychological than splatter-film. Much like Last House on the Left, Sleepaway Camp has built a fantastic cult following, making it more popular today than it was when it was first released.


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  1. rwhyan says:

    Another great one! You are 2 for 2 so far. Really great movie, it’s a timeless classic that gets better with age. My favorite horror film is Night of the Living Dead, and that is another one that only gets better as the years go on. Good post.

  2. Thanks alot, you are giving me confidence in this blogging thing, which could be good or bad haha! I do appreciate it. I am glad you like this movie, too. It’s so hard to find people who know any of these films. NOTLD is amazing. Love it, and surprisingly, I like the remake, too! I watch the original every Halloween, it’s more special when you only watch it every once in a while!

    • rwhyan says:

      Haha yea no problem! I just started this blog a few weeks ago and I hated waiting for the first comment since I didn’t think anyone was going to read anything I had to say, so i know how important it is to comment on other peoples blogs, it really helps get your name out there. That is so crazy that you also like the remake, it’s one of my favorite remakes of all time, Savini did an amazing job directing. Also, just hit “reply” on someones comment and type in there, it sends them a notification that way!

  3. Hey, thanks for the tip! Yeah, at first, I had no idea how to work this site. I’ve had blogs before but never used them, even though I had planned on it. The remake was good, to me, because they stuck to the original story, and Tony Todd was born to play Ben! It was like fate!*lol* 🙂

  4. kloipy says:

    Sleepaway Camp is a great movie and series. Have you seen the newest one yet? It’s really bad but in a good way

    • Yes, the SC series rocks. I love them all, and I have seen the newest one. I was delighted at the return of Ronnie, Ricky, and of course, Angela! Felissa Rose is awesome, and it was a great throwback. True, it was not really a GOOD movie, but that’s why I love horror. It doesn’t have to be good to be good. 🙂

      • kloipy says:

        The fat kid Alan was my particular favorite. Yeah Horror is my favorite genre of film has been since I was kid

  5. Me too. I have been watching them since I was about 5 or 6. Haha, Alan was so annoying, I did feel he whined too much and I almost wanted someone to whack him ten minutes in. I did not like this one as much as the first three, though.

  6. The whole series is a guilty pleasure of mine – perfect combination of cheesy script, bad graphics and topless girls 🙂

  7. Have you listened to the director’s commentary for Sleepaway Camp? The director often refuses to discuss certain details of the film, which makes him sound like a douche. Definitely one of the worst commentaries I’ve ever heard, but I’ll give him credit – this movie provides a lot of laughs (which is why I enjoy the film so much). Also, he didn’t want to reveal too much information, because he was planning on making Return to Sleepaway Camp. I haven’t seen that film yet, but my sister said the special effects are disgusting.

    This is going off topic, since Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 aren’t really part of the Sleepaway Camp series – but I do consider part 2 to be an amazing movie.

    That said, it is good to hear you enjoy all the Sleepaway Camp movies. A lot of people this day and age would have contempt for Sleepaway Camp, just because it was made on a low-budget.

    • Thanks for the comment! Return to Sleepaway Camp was okay, but not my favorite. But if you’re a fan, you should definitely check it out! I still consider 2 &3 to be part of the series, because even though it’s a different director and main actress, it still follows the story of Camp Arawak, etc. 🙂

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