Last House on the Left (1972), is my all-time favorite movie. It is actually hard to explain, as many people do not understand why. In some respects, I do not understand either. There’s something about it, though. Perhaps it is the innocence of the “love-generation” being defiled and destroyed; not by someone in a far off place, or some demonic entity, but from people that are in our own midst. I do believe that is what the filmmakers were saying, like, “Hey, wake up from your dream, this shit really happens in today’s world”. Maybe it is a sad, brutal, satirical commentary on the changing world of the 1970s. Perhaps, it is just the music, which lulls you into a sense of security with the few upbeat, giddy tracks, then rips it to shreds in the next breath. Maybe I read too much into things, but this, to me, is what movies are all about, and those are the movies that are usually more successful, if not at the time, then later as it becomes a cult classic. I suppose it is all of these factors, mixed with the social climate of the era, the use of brutal violence to make a statement, and about making the viewer just uncomfortable enough to believe what we are seeing on screen can happen (and it does). This is why Last House on the Left is my favorite movie, and why I believe it has become so successful among later generations that discover it. With time, it becomes apparent that some individuals of that era, and still today, could not look past the celluloid images and see the film for what it is. The message behind it. It is a gritty, brilliant piece of filmmaking that people should respect, understand, and that Wes Craven probably did not know would be what many people consider a major highlight of his career.


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  1. rwhyan says:

    This is definitely a surprising choice for a favorite movie but a totally good one! It is a pretty hard movie to watch but it has such a strong impact from its brutality. And not to mention it has an unbelievably awesome ending. Good post!

  2. Yeah, I saw the remake, even though I knew I didn’t want to. I didn’t really like it. That woman who played Sadie was ridiculous and so annoying, and I did not like the really high-tech kills (microwave, disposal, etc.). I feel they should have stuck to the original facts (Mari dies), and thought it seemed too forced. I know it was a remake and supposed to be updated for today’s world, but I just did not get it. Did you like it? I did not hate it nearly as much as the F13th remake. Wow, that one was awful. I guess I’m just a loyal girl to my favorite films. *lol*

    • rwhyan says:

      You make a good point it did feel very forced at times. I did like that they didn’t try to water it down as much as some remakes do. It had its moments but doesn’t come nearly as close to as good as the original, the original just had a very grind house feel to it that u just don’t see anymore. Rare to see a chick that likes the classics, u should be proud haha.

  3. Haha! Thanks a bunch! It’s true though, some people I know or have talked to didn’t even know the 2009 one was a remake. I’m just like, really? Ugh. Know what I mean? I’ll give you that it did have a few good moments, but I just sort of found it cheesy. Not as bad as some remakes, though, I suppose!

  4. adamcard says:

    This film is classic.

  5. matts1970 says:

    The coolest thing of this flick is the weird score by Actor David Hess. I don’t mean the goofy songs but the kill scores are awesome. Obviously this is also a favorite of mine. A very sleazy film. Fred Lincolns Cock-crunch-rip death is so intense too as well as the rape scene when Krug is drooling on Mari…man..ya know i remember feeling ripped off when i went to see Cabin Fever and they actually used the score from this film specifically the tune “And the road leads to nowhere”.
    I agree the remake sucked as have all the current remakes F-13 and Nightmare on Elm St…two films I actually walked out of

  6. Geordie says:

    Awesome film, a classic of it’s time. Still brutal to this day… “all time favourite movie” you may need a little therapy there 🙂

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